Nice Dog Lover’s Movie : A Tale of Ululu’s Wonderful Forest

Recently watched a very nice and kawaiiii touching movie called A Tale of Ululu’s Wonderful Forest aka Ururu no Mori no Monogatari in Japanese. If you are a dog lover, you’ll definitely love this movie, teaches us the love of a family and human’s moral values~ I cried during touching moments, dam the music is tooo influential :’D And the puppy is so dam cuteeeeeeeee~~~ Especially with its BIG puppy eyes awwwwwww <3

[Click the pic for the original poster size of the movie]


A brother and sister leave the big city to live with their veterinarian father when their mother is hospitalized. As they are adjusting to their new life filled with natural beauty, they adopt an abandoned puppy. When it is discovered that the puppy is actually a wolf, they choose to return the baby wolf to its mother in the forest rather than let it live a life in captivity. []

Japanese: ウルルの森の物語

Director: Makoto Naganuma

Release Date: December 19, 2009

Distributor: Toho

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan


I only found out about the movie from a DVD/CD shop, then I went on to find it online shhh :X And it was very hard to find already as recently there has been what censorship laws and such on the Internet (though it wasn’t approved), and Megaupload was shut down, affected the downloading “industry” quite heavily. Alas, I successfully found it, and I believe those who wanted to watch it would face a hard time to find it too so… Just to make your life easier *ahem*

Just scroll down~








A.Tale.of.Ululu’s.Wonderful.Forest (Extract and combine using winRAR)

Click the spoiler below :3

Password(type exactly as shown) : SweetSerenity89


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