iChef Cuisine

Went and try a new restaurant with my bf, iChef Cuisine, located along the road to Premier 101, next to the future-to-be-City-One-Mall, as we often see alot of cars when we pass by @.@

iChef Cuisine!

The interior, is exceptional! Despite the messy, busy, chaotic road outside lol Truly is a two different dimension o.O

Ribena + Longan

Iced Lemon Tea, is quite tall~ @.@ But the height just hinders us from “sipping” comfortably >.<

And outdoor they have alcohol available too, freshly bucketed 😛 Kilkenny~~~ Kinda trendy nowadays for restaurants to provide alcohols too, 2 in 1 XD

Onion Rings with mayo (taste nicer though, think they mixed something else too)

Chicken Thigh *yum yum* delicious!

Fish & Chips is not bad, just the way they fry it, looks more like pisang goreng or “Yu Cha Kueh” ^^”  My poor bf who ordered this one >.<

Overall, the drinks in the menu aren’t enough for normal non-drinkers like us to order from, but the basics are still there, with a slight higher price of course, and lots of alcohol choices to choose from @.@Price range for western meals are about RM15-50 like that. If you’ve tried them feel free to leave a comment and let me know how are they 😀

Their namecard~~~ Details of iChef Cuisine are all included inside, facebook, contact details and address ^^

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