KAA Charity Event @ Boulevard Pt 1

*Photos courtesy of Jimmy, Webbie and Isaac*

This event happened last Sunday o.O Sorry for the delay. Only got hold of some of the photos today ><

Meido Serene at your service ^^

Kuching Autistic Association Charity Fund Raising CUM Anime Character begins! First they present a cert for every company that sponsored the event, I think all the tenants of Boulevard sponsored them, oh and including our SAMS club :D, Akiyame and Cosworld too. The SAMS club helped by Cosplaying and helping with the games ^^

Entrance fee for participating in the games is RM3 while taking 3 pictures (with max 2 anime character in each photo) is RM10 🙂 Do it for charity, and also for your own enjoyment ^^ It was a rare chance to take photos with us *hehehe sounds so proud* 😛

After that, a performance by the Akiyame Club of Lim Kok Wing XD

It was very exciting and hilarious.. They were so good in choreographing *I think* 😛

Naruto got interviewed wowee.. o.O

The Akiyame cosplayers 😛

The crowd.. A lot of people, since it’s a weekend ^^

Onineko and me.. Looks like taking photo? Hm.. Looks like Yuri to me.. haha..

One of the crew showing how to play one of the games, badminton! Aim the ball into the bucket.. *Lookie, Naruto cheering for the crew XD*

The participants of the Anime Quest! A bit like the Amazing Race ^^ Running around the Mall not the Globe.


And thus, Cosplayer’s cam-whoring starto!

The SAMS club members

Which later joined in by Jimmy lol

Group photo of all Cosplayers! And Naruto! You’re the victim again wahahaha… Jimmy and Shikamaru looks like pervert ^^”

Yuna from Final Fantasy X and me the Meido *Owh.. I sounds like nothing de?o.O*

Jimmy and me *even Jimmy’s name sounds famous o.O*

Me and Doris in Ipoh Town.. Note we’re not buying anything there wahaha..

Me with Kitty paws, Ivelyn and Jimmy‘s head XD

Me and Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight(Vicky) wa… Her costume is nice ><

Doris, me, Onineko, Lenalee from D.grayman(LRP) and her sis Chii from Chobits ^^

Doris, me, Naruto (Yume), Lenalee and Chii 😛 Don’t ask me why we took photos in front of the door, couldn’t stand right maybe lol

OMG! Rape!!!

– Part 1 end –

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  1. Serene says:

    @webbie : me no ecchi swt.. Some are my photos too 😛
    @jimmy : lol dun worry, will let your face come out de.. hehe.. XD owh.. xoxo ^^

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