Halo Sun

It’s a halo not hello sun, though I kinda owes use “Halo” o.O swt.. Today around noon my mum called me and told me there’s an eclipse outside, so went out under the hot sun trying to see @.@

Seems to have a rainbow surrounding the sun *.*

This phenomena happened before I forgot when adi, but read it’s last year ^^”  Will it come out in the newspaper like last year? and will Kuching become famous like Smallville? X-files? o.O swt.. Anyway, there’s an explanation for this occurrence at Effadylia‘s blog 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Halo Sun

  1. eunice says:

    Wa!! u took pictures of the sun! But we shouldn’t look at the eclipse right, still glaring.. n I heard from a professional photographer that we should not shoot directly facing the sun, it will spoil the lens… hehe, sounds like the camera is more important than our eyes 😀

  2. Serene says:

    @jojo : see awhile where the sun ma.. lol later shoot wrong place XD yup, oni use cam shoot 😛
    @eunice : haha.. yup.. Went to take pictures of it.. 😛 Yea, I also heard about the camera can’t shoot directly at the sun ^^” hehehe.. I use camera to cover the glare to my eyes lol XD

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