Chibi Con | Audition 2

Chibi Con and Audition 2 on last Sat.. Many tod Chibi Con was the actual con, sorry but no.. our actual big con, I’ve Anime! Con will be next year in the Spring, just to clarify ^^ Now back to topic… I’ll let the photos do the talking πŸ˜€

The whole of Chibi Con.. Visitors can easily take photos..

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Back from “forced” holiday, Real one begins!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Final examz over~~~ Wohooo! But I’m not confident in them, its kinda miserable πŸ™ I’m very worried huhu..

Until result publication date, I’ll just hafta spend the rest of my holidays the way I wanted XD

Well, first things first, I hafta start prepare for my club’s Anime Gathering for this Saturday night o.O Its gonna be a blast~! However, too many events clashes, PC Fair, Club Appreciation dinner, Triton, Battle of the Band etc which affected some potential guests unable to come >.< So, if anyone of you are interested, you’re welcome to join us πŸ˜€ We had special different themes each year, so it’ll be different the next year you come ^^ Don’t miss this chance o.. πŸ˜›

  • Date : 6 Dec 2008 (Sat)
  • Time : 6.30pm onwards
  • Venue : Swinburne Sarawak Multi Purpose Hall
  • Attire : Casual Smart
  • Theme : Japanese Traditional (Ichigo Style!)
  • Ticket Price : RM25 (Japanese food served)
  • Note : Must bring any item with strawberries, eg keychain, hair clip, necklace, picture, drawings, T-shirt, panty lol

As I’m putting much effort in the gathering, I’ll be busy again for the week o.O *Guys, see me so pia, come award my hardwork, go the gathering XD* lol..

Well, other than that, there’s this certain someone who kept making me angry de.. Only think of one self haih.. I got the feeling this person only find me when needed, its so sad.. Treat tat someone like close sibling but so disappointed.. Make my days gloomy.. >.< Often said busy busy but still go out alot =.= *My trust level decreasing* o.O Arrgh.. I’m too emotional when it comes to friendships and relationships T.T More painful when hard to express out.. So I blog.. I’m hoping tat person doesn’t notice this o.O

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Anime Gathering 2008

Once again Anime Gathering will be held or this year! On 6th December 2008, 6.30pm-9.30pm where Anime lovers can gather as well as everyone from around Kuching ^^ Be prepared for a night of Japanese Traditional (Ichigo Style!) Note: Ichigo = Strawberry

Those who have Japanese clothing eg Yukata, are encouraged to wear them to the gathering. If otherwise, casual smart is good enough ^^ We’re not very strict don’t worry haha.. There will be games, lucky draws, exciting activities and of course, freebies to be given out to every guests that attends the gathering X3 Japanese food will be served as dinner! We strive to provide better than last year’s gathering, so, seize the chance to buy the tickets NOW. Number of tickets are LIMITED* o.O Let us share our passion for anime on this blissful night~ An unforgetable memory~ ^^ Please sms/call the contact number above or email me at applejunk[at]hotmail[dot]com for more info regarding the tickets etc etc *refer to poster above*

*Please bring any item with Strawberries eg keychain, cloth, shirt, stickers etc etc* even ichigo panty or bra

Below is my posts on last year’s Anime Gathering, feel free to browse hehe..

PS : Few of us will be dressing up in Yukata (Summer Kimono) so do come and take photos with us lol XD

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Chibi Con / Audition Round 2!

On 6th December 2008, Swinburne Anime & Manga Society(SAMS) and I’ve Anime! will be having a Chibi Con and Audition Round 2! Everyone are invited to join these special and rare events!

 For Chibi Con, its Chibi! But hey, Chibi for us, Huge for you πŸ˜‰ It’ll be even better than the display of figurines in the Spring~~ More Cosplay than before~~ Make sure you don’t miss them! Photographers and bloggers are most welcome haha.. Coz its alot to take and blog about πŸ˜› Admission is free ^^ *Refer to poster above*

Audition Round 2 for live performances going to be held in our I’ve Anime! Convention 2009 at the Spring! Have a band? Have a(few) talent(s)?  This is your super chance to try out your skills, challenge yourself and climb up to your ambition of performing in front of the crowd of Kuchingites!  Gain experiences is not a bad idea as well.. Any songs or melodies are acceptable as long as its nice ^^ Japanese related? Sure! It’ll be a bonus! lol This is a free audition, feel free to try out, maybe you’ll get the once in a lifetime chance o.O Equipments provided maybe except guitars, I’m sure you have your own guitars πŸ™‚ Anyway, take action and chase your dream πŸ˜€ *Refer to poster above*


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Anime Gathering 2008 Soon~

The long awaited Anime Gathering for 2008 organized by me SAMS (Swinburne Anime & Manga Society) will be coming just as indicated in the teaser above XD Much more much better than last year’s! Posters and details will be up soon, this doesn’t just stop here wahahaha.. Something unexpected will need to happen πŸ˜› We strive to provide the best for our guests who will be attending the gathering. NO normal food! And of course, photoshooting session is a MUST ^^ So you know what will happen eh Photographers? πŸ˜‰ Guess this is enough to attract your attention haha.. Tickets are on sale now, if you’re interested, please send me your name, email & hp no to my email applejunk[at]hotmail[dot]com or reply here for more info ^^ Help spread the news too yea? Thanks πŸ˜€


More details coming soon so be patient XD

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Audition Round 1 for I’ve Anime! 09 Convention


WeÒ€ℒre inviting all those who can perform (MCs, musicians, dancers and other live performers) for an evaluation session. If you have the skills and abilities and are interested to perform live during our IÒ€ℒve Anime! Convention 2009, this is time to show off your skills.

We are providing a huge and amazing opportunity for you to expose yourselves publicly and gain experiences of your lifetime.

Be HOT like Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier!


Date: 11th October (Saturday)
Registration starts: 12:30pm
Auditions starts 1:30pm ends 4:30pm
Venue: Swinburne Block G (Old Block) Ground Floor Auditorium
Freeflow Registration starts: 12:30pm
Equipment: Bands and musicians are permitted and encouraged to bring their own equipment.

Equipment available for use: Microphones, acoustic guitar and keyboard. CD Player and computer hooked to sound system provided.
(Updated when we add more equipment to our list. If you want to help to provide equipment, please drop a message here as well)

– Able to perform live
– No age limitation
– MCs: Proficient in English, extra languages as an added benefit
– Be free during 16-22nd February 2009 (At least a few hours in that week)

– MCs: Be prepared for anything
– Singers Solo/Duet: Two song performances recommended
– Bands: Two song performances recommended
– Dancers: One dance performance recommended
– Others: One performance of your choice

Become popular and gain experience like him~

SEE You There~~!!!!

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