Audition Round 1 for I’ve Anime! 09 Convention


We’re inviting all those who can perform (MCs, musicians, dancers and other live performers) for an evaluation session. If you have the skills and abilities and are interested to perform live during our I’ve Anime! Convention 2009, this is time to show off your skills.

We are providing a huge and amazing opportunity for you to expose yourselves publicly and gain experiences of your lifetime.

Be HOT like Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier!


Date: 11th October (Saturday)
Registration starts: 12:30pm
Auditions starts 1:30pm ends 4:30pm
Venue: Swinburne Block G (Old Block) Ground Floor Auditorium
Freeflow Registration starts: 12:30pm
Equipment: Bands and musicians are permitted and encouraged to bring their own equipment.

Equipment available for use: Microphones, acoustic guitar and keyboard. CD Player and computer hooked to sound system provided.
(Updated when we add more equipment to our list. If you want to help to provide equipment, please drop a message here as well)

– Able to perform live
– No age limitation
– MCs: Proficient in English, extra languages as an added benefit
– Be free during 16-22nd February 2009 (At least a few hours in that week)

– MCs: Be prepared for anything
– Singers Solo/Duet: Two song performances recommended
– Bands: Two song performances recommended
– Dancers: One dance performance recommended
– Others: One performance of your choice

Become popular and gain experience like him~

SEE You There~~!!!!

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