Cosplay Idol Competition by Otaku House

Cosplay Idol Competition is held by Otaku House which is a global competition categorised geographically such as below :

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Europe
  4. Asia & Australia

Qualifying round ends in July 2011 and its all about voting in Facebook haha~ You can see more info about it in their site Otaku House Cosplay Idol

And you seeeeeeeeee I joined the competition using my latest Cosplay as Yurippe from Angel Beats! during Kyanime 2011 >_< My entry is in Asia & Australia category, album (E), and already uploaded into their Facebook fan page, if you have a Facebook account *which I think everyone does* do support me by voting for me please XDDD I hope everyone likes my Cosplay too though, not only for the sake of vote ^^

How to vote?

1. “Like” Otaku House fan page here

2. “Like” my photo entry here

Vote For Me~


Thank you to those who voted for me! And thanks in advanced to those going to vote for me 😀

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“WAR PEACE” Achieved! De Facto!

Today~ I finish my “battle” with the examz~! I’m finally freeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~ 2 months holiday~~~ Anime/drama/manga marathon! SDO! Here I come!! XD Add in : sewing, designing, etc etc @.@

But but but tomorrow I’m going to KL @.@ So rush >< Bopien, exam schedule delayed so much.. huhuhu..

Going for vacation and Comic Fiesta 2010 😀 I’m going to Cosplay! 1st time Cosplay in CF in my LIFE o.O Hope everything goes well >< I’m feeling quite nervous now.. @.@ *hopes doesn’t forget anything” ><

The accommodation as welll.. Last minute changes.. which is quite worrying T.T

Some things to think about : Shopping, shopping and shopping lol Ahh.. I 4got, outing with frens nyaaaaa~~~~ ^^ Hope to see u guys there soon, miss u all! hehehe.. XP

Will be back on 25th, so won’t update much til then, unless I suddenly become so motivated to update on my “adventure” lol! Dun tink of me so hardworking~ 😛

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*Teaser* Anime Gathering 2009

At long last, a year passed since SAMS last Anime Gathering 😀 Now we see news about it lol… Just a short teaser on the event ^^

Full details will be out soon as well as the official poster ^^  so no worries! Haha.. Everybody.. Be prepared for a much more enhanced entertainment of Anime Gathering 2009 :3

All anime lovers, Cosplayers, figure collectors, gunpla assemblers, even those that likes photography (some collections will be displayed) are most welcomed XD Not excluding bloggers and everyone else in Kuching who are interested to go because.. the event is opened to ALL~~~~! 😀

*You are *RESERVED* to go to Anime Gathering 2009*

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5S2 Gathering @ Food Avenue

We were in the same class from form 4 til form 5 2006  in Kuching High School..

On that day, we gather after few years passed..

Many thanks to Suk Joo for organizing and treating us to drink on the event ^^

She’s going back to Australia today if I’m not mistaken ><

See you online… o.O or when the rest of us got the cash to go Aus visit you Suk Joo lol I still want free cellphone/camera if I go 😛

Waa… We reali had a loooong table of gathering o.O Continue reading

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