“WAR PEACE” Achieved! De Facto!

Today~ I finish my “battle” with the examz~! I’m finally freeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~ 2 months holiday~~~ Anime/drama/manga marathon! SDO! Here I come!! XD Add in : sewing, designing, etc etc @.@

But but but tomorrow I’m going to KL @.@ So rush >< Bopien, exam schedule delayed so much.. huhuhu..

Going for vacation and Comic Fiesta 2010 😀 I’m going to Cosplay! 1st time Cosplay in CF in my LIFE o.O Hope everything goes well >< I’m feeling quite nervous now.. @.@ *hopes doesn’t forget anything” ><

The accommodation as welll.. Last minute changes.. which is quite worrying T.T

Some things to think about : Shopping, shopping and shopping lol Ahh.. I 4got, outing with frens nyaaaaa~~~~ ^^ Hope to see u guys there soon, miss u all! hehehe.. XP

Will be back on 25th, so won’t update much til then, unless I suddenly become so motivated to update on my “adventure” lol! Dun tink of me so hardworking~ 😛

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