Kyanime 2011

*Photo credits to Tomi Lo and David Shia*

Apparently, I went to 3 days of Kyanime 2011 held at the Hills, fully on which 2 days I Cosplay, 1 day as myself XD

*teaser* XD

On the first day, which is on Friday night, my friend created a Yazawa Ai group and did a Cosplay Catwalk performance in support of Yazawa Sensei (a manga artist) who fell sick and couldn’t continue her manga. And I was to Cosplay Miwako from Paradise Kiss @.@ Truthfully was bit last minute, but I already got my Lolita dress and wig etc, so it was not much of a problem, just that my wig wasn’t cut out to be tied into twin tails >< So it might look weird huhu

Me in pink wig, pink Lolita dress, pink shoes *pink-licious* @.@

Kim and meh~~~ Kim in Visual Kei punk style XDD *thumbs up*

Me, Antonia and Kim :3

The catwalk lasted about 1 hour and there wasn’t much people there either, maybe due to its a Friday night and everyone’s lazy to leave home? lol~ However, our picture still came out in the newspaper which I didn’t even noticed til my friend told me ^^” And that ends Day 1~

In Day 2~ is when the real thing comes out šŸ˜› More photos on Day 2 than Day 1 and 3 hahaha~ Enjoyed Day 2 the most eventhough everyone was tired mentally >.< Re-lived Cosplaying with friends, the feeling came back šŸ˜€ And I’m motivated to do my best for my future Cosplay ^^ I Cosplayed Yurippe Nakamura in this Angel Beats! group šŸ˜›

Our Angel Beats! group Cosplay ^^ 5 from local while 2 are friends from KK haha

TK by Gary and Shiina by Shawn @.@

Tenshi and TK. Note: Tenshi is hand cuffed lol~

LRP Cosplayed Iwasawa from Girls Dead Monster

Then took photo with Ai Lee, Cosplaying as Alice in Wonderland, she looks adorable in it šŸ˜€

Attack the bunneh~~ @.@

Nooooooooo she’s eating my gun >.< Videl Cosplaying as Aerial? If the name is correct haha ^^”

*ahem* please excuse my camwhore-ness I love how I look in these photos so… >.< Thanks to the photographers who took them~ ^^ Great job on that haha~ And enjoy~ šŸ˜›

Credit to Lee Ai Lee for the photo~ And Chibi Kaze beside me šŸ˜€ *I love my expression here! Cool me~ lol!*

Cute~~ eventhough its Pedobear! Stalking Lolis around hahaha XD

And during Day 3, there also Cosplay but different from Day 2. I did not Cosplay on that day, coz I got some “stuff” to do *ahem* šŸ˜› But I did stop by XD

Kim and our cantik amoi~~ So pretty~ Even guys fall in love at 1st sight :3

@.@ ecchi Pedobear!

And that’s all the 3 days photos~ in summary XD wahahaha~ The event did cover some Cosplay competitions, Wasabi Sushi Eating, Anime Quiz and so on~ Its not bad actually, but still need improvements ^^ Well, enjoying with friends is the best moment aƂĀ  Cosplayer can get, others are just extra bonus šŸ˜€ *well, nice photos are a must too >.<* And I did enjoyed, hope to be able to Cosplay together again XD




Oh I love killing @.@

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