Uradoori Japanase BBQ @ Petanak Market

During my trip back to Kuching last month, had a gathering with the gang and at the same time went to try the newly opened Uradoori Japanese BBQ stall at Petanak Market (night) 😀

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Was located opposite the toilet stairs, but now heard it’s at stall no. 1?

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The one raw meat that attracted me, Matsusaka Pork! >_< RM10 for this much~ The meat was nice to eat once bbq’ed 😀

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Beef raw meat! Juicy tender bite after bbq’ed >_<

[singlepic id=4146 w=450 h= float=center]

3 layer pork! Quite nice and crispy when it’s done 😀

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Salmon raw meat, cannot be eaten raw, I repeat, cannot be eaten raw, since it’s preparation method is different than sashimi :’D but is still nice and soft after cooked :3

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Let the BBQ begin!! little by little~ >_< The way to BBQ is quite like our normal BBQ with charcoal and all, just that it’s on a table 😀 And the bucket-shaped cement thingy is super thick so you won’t feel it very hot @.@ There’s a hole at the side where you can blow in to make the charcoal burnnnn XD

[singlepic id=4149 w=550 h= float=center]

Yup~ BBQ’ing muchrooms, they look cute round round lidat XDDD

[singlepic id=4169 w=550 h= float=center]

Group welfie! Photo credit to Russell Ting using his new phone S6 Edge :3 Nice colors there XD

[singlepic id=4150 w=600 h= float=center]

After a sweaty Uradoori Japanese BBQ session, we had our 2nd round at a cafe/bar called Speak Eazy along carpenter street~ The environment is really nice! I love the round lights, it seems like they’re floating 😀

They serve pints of beers and snacks like pizzas and nachos (the sauce dam spicy too :’D )

I like how it is not so dark like usual bars/bistros~ I can see my drink properly LOL

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