Tinkle Illustrations 2 : Byakuya no Chakai (SUPER RARE)

If you guys notice my msn message, here’s what arrived which made me sooooooo excited! XD Coz it’s very very rare, the rarest and hardest to obtain in my life, and my most fav coz I love the style 😛 Tinkle’s Byakuya no Chakai てぃんくるイラストレーションズ2白夜茶会. My story of purchasing this rare doujin will be at the end of the post XP

On that day, as usual checking through the mails, was expecting some notice of Pos Malaysia and tadaa~~ There’s 1.. o.O Wee… Coincidentally dad jz came back from traveling, quite free there, ask him fetch me go Pos Malaysia at Pending there 😛 Was half expecting custom tax, scare ma, who knows will tax? @.@ Luckily no tax, asked for my IC num and signature that’s all >_<

Reached home and slowly.. savour the feeling of opening the package….

Open.. I screamed~ OMG it’s here it’s here XD

It was carefully protected by the bubble wrapper, if its called that o.O


And I just notice, this is so good quality o.O the design of the book/doujin..

Title : Byakuya no Chakai – means Tea Party In The White Night

The 1st poster size art in the doujin, also the cover art of the doujin – NICE!

2nd Poster size art by Tinkle.. X3

Table of content.. I like the border design.. Fine and detailed ><

Using my Digicam to capture the pics lol They’re not scans o.O I wouldn’t want to spoil the doujin by squeezing it into the scanner ==

The 1st category : Original Gallery

Blurred some parts and you know where ><

I like the style of magical and fantasy feeling in Tinkle’s art.. :3

And how Tinkle’s art feel so realistic with such powerful colour combination and effect o.O Not to say such fine and detailed art too

1 part of the art above, very very detailed lace design *.*

Most of Tinkle’s art are Lolis? 😛

The settings for Tinkle’s art are also very nice, some may be simple

2nd Category : Works Gallery

And to mention some, hentai or ecchi like the art way above lol

Not too fancy, not too complicated 😀

Last art in the doujin, I LOV IT! XD Wings… plus the glowing effect so nice >_<

More scans and details and beautiful phrases for Byakuya no Chakai here 😛

Byakuya no Chakai is the 2nd, can say artbook but it’s known as doujin, of Tinkle’s which was not an official artbook, not sold in any bookstore or online bookstore! When I heard this, I was depressed 🙁 It was only available in Comiket in Japan and I think, should be limited too, the price is over 60USD selling there. Well, I can’t believe it so I search search online and found someone selling it in ebay.. 😀 Was planning to buy it but was afraid couldn’t collect paypal o.O So I try collecting 1st, then sadly, was bought by other ppl adi.. wth.. 🙁 After that, was soooooo depressed, I ask the seller whether he still have another copy of it, luckily YES 😀 and he had set up another ebay page for it. The price were also higher @.@ Coz the doujin were in high demand and he’s selling his only last copy >< But I think I shouldn’t mind as I’m fortunate enough to have gotten my hands on the very rare and limited and hard-to-get Tinkle’s doujin XP

And it was well worth it~~~~ 96 full-coloured pages, as thick as an artbook o.O High quality again.. I’m so happy to have bought the doujin X3 I’m hoping I’m the only 1 who have it in Malaysia 😛 lol lol

May be planning to collect Tinkle’s 1st artbook, Tsukiyo no Chakai (Tea Party in the Night).. Another Super rare artbook but not as rare as Byakuya no Chakai ^^” swt.. Still excited over the doujin 😛 wahaha..

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19 thoughts on “Tinkle Illustrations 2 : Byakuya no Chakai (SUPER RARE)

  1. Serene says:

    @Ryu : ya lo.. Its not jz mere artbook, but a very hard-to-buy artbook o.O Like the 1 I asked you to find, you found 12,000 yen 1.. lol It’s the 2nd artbook of tat 1st artbook XD hahahaha…

  2. Prim3 says:

    My first reaction same as Ryu.. I tot is wat.. yuan lai is an artbook.. hahaha.. me not really an “artbook-person”.. seems nice only.. 😛

  3. Serene says:

    @ToMCaT : yup! The proudness of owning it makes you excited XD plus if its something you like and want very very much 😛 Which is worth ALOT~~~~ 😉

  4. Prim3 says:

    Tax apa la.. if it’s the red notice card.. they’re asking you to go and collect only..

    Only IF it’s the stupid yellow kastam card.. then u shall need to meet the stupid and stupid and stupid kastams.. 😀 (ya I hate them I know.. 😛 )

  5. sbhboi says:

    All I saw is…pantsu desu ~~ XP

    @Prim3 Yeah, for a gunpla modeler like me, kastam is our sworn enemy…because of they good cause lah gunpla sell so high2 one…if not keep block the stock etc.. \./

  6. Serene says:

    @sbhboi : lol.. You noticed? 😛 hentai got.. even got bondage for 1 art ^^” and yea, M’sia encourage ori, kastam encourage otherwise ==

  7. 熊貓 says:



  8. micus says:

    wow… is such a beautiful doujin o…
    get it from ebay o.. then must expensive, bt seem it is so rare can found here… i think still worth to buy…
    bt really very pretty ne….

  9. Serene says:

    @熊貓 : 是咯。。好才都有 label 是书,所以没有踩开来看 XD 也没 tax 😛
    @Micus : Yup.. The 1st time I saw it I love the art instantly XD And yea, very expensive ^^” coz its rare huhu.. But still very happy to have bought it 😀
    @sbhboi : huh? How come hard to photoshop for banner? ^^”

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