The Tray Cafe

Last Saturday me, Kim, Sherrie, and Nic went to try a new cafe named The Tray Cafe since we very no go review new cafes very long already >.<

It’s located at Jalan Padungan opposite Butik Hotel and Grappa 😀

The interior inside the cafe is quite cozy, I like the environment ~.~

They follow bit of local Sarawak tribal style while maintaining the bar as western style, nice!

The seat outside, take off shoes, sit on the floor 😛

Lookie here~ We got another wall to conteng XD Then we conteng oso, beh tahan lol..

Sherrie and Nic’s o.O

Me and Kim’s XD *I’m proud coz no other wings are there :3*

A drawn version of Tray Cafe @.@

They also conteng some menus on the bar ceiling..

On the way to the washroom 😀

The washing hands area, quite unique eh like washing at a water stream XD

Ok ok now on to the food and drinks~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Their drink’s appearance, nice 1st impression ^^

Iced Oreo Crush RM7 *I think still got a word tat I missed out, dunno wat word o.O*

Iced Cocoa Crush RM6

Cheeky face XD

Iced Peanut Crush RM6

French Fries *FAV* RM5 though bit small portion compared to other cafes >.<

Squid Rings RM6 *I wanna complain portion very small T.T*

Chicken nugget RM6 * I think is use chicken butt to make de lol*

Photo shooting session 😀

Sherrie went and ask to take a photo with the waiter who were frenly and plays jokes on us while we were there ^^ His name is Winston haha..

Eeehhhh Why my dogs here holding their collar names? 😛


lol What were we doing? XD

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

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