SDO Facts

Some facts about SDO (Super Dancer Online) or XDO XD <— yes, its to confuse u.. 😛

SDO-X (Malaysia server)

WHY do players lose?

1st, noob~! Is really missing and couldn’t keep up with the song speed.
2nd, the most common and most hated —> LAG!
3rd, when ur blur.. u tend to miss lol
4th, when ur feeling tired or eyes pain, can’t tahan the focus span @.@ or no mood? miss then miss lol
5th, yes!!!! Distractions!! When human being/insects approaches you.. Will hear a “Dam!” later haha..

WHY do players win?

1st, sure is Pro no need to say lol
2nd, when u got the luck, pass/full combo/full perfect @.@
3rd, other ppl lag/dc <– is kinda bad to curse ppl 😛
4th, oh yeah~ MONSTER awakened in you and go wild! XDDDD

Differences between Newbie(noob also but jz to sound nice)  and Pro

1. Newbie sees Miss, while Pro sees only Perfect hahaha..
2. Newbie focus on passing, while Pro focus on getting Full combo/Full perfect @.@
3. Pro plays so relax while Newbie play til half dead lol

Its kinda funny thinking about these facts hahaha.. Feel free to add in anything XD

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