SAMS @ China Earthquake Relief Effort @ the Spring

On Monday the Spring invited my anime club to go help out with the China Earthquake Relief Effort. And no doubt, cosplay is used to our club’s advantage to attract passerbys donating $$$ ^^ I chose the easiest to get around, my meido cosplay lol Some complain why I owes do meido dun wan to others 😛 Well, meido more convenient to do and can last for the whole day ^^ Arrived there at 1 something in the afternoon with Kim, changed in the bathroom full of people gosh, so many people at the Spring during holidays o.O They were all staring at us especially when Kim was donning her yukata >< After that waited in front of Nokia, stole some time for taking shots 1st 😛

Meido ready at your service : In front of Poppies XD

Promoting Nokia : Jessy in pink yukata, Kim in black yukata & me in meido as usual lol

Then went down to Sushi King there to meet some of my old classmates from secondary school to “exchange” the anime series I borrowed her last time and new ones that I brought XP Before the “exchange” a passerby asked to take a photo with me adi o.O Then, slowly, our president with some others arrived.. They went to the booth 1st as I sneak into Sushi King for a free green tea with my ex classmates XD

Went to the booth waited for our artists? And some cosplayers from Lim Kok Wing too, late 1 hour swt swt, next time tell them 1 hour earlier de time XP

Hugging sessions aka Yuri sessions

Kim and me.. with my hubby behind, watching over me 😛

Thanks to Jimmy for the photo

Our artists : SWAT, Swing & Kelvin

Our artists in the club were drawing and sketching live there in hopes to attract people to buy their sketches for RM5, customers can also request them to sketch their fav anime/characters, if they know how to draw it XD 1 customer requested SailorMoon which SWAT doesn’t know how to draw, then asked me to draw lol Mind you I just drew the outline and without her hand, the rest I left it to SWAT 😛 Too bad I din took a shot of it, wanted to see how the sketch would look like >< I missed drawing SailorMoon ^^” Well, earned $$ will be 100% donated into the donation box.

My piggy hubby and me holding a crying face? He came not long after we started hehe.. Thanks for coming, Hubby ^^

Please put $$$ into the donation box! Help the China Earthquake victims >< *Somehow my caption doesn’t match the photo ^^”*

Thanks to Jimmy for the photo

People taking photos with us : basically we ask/request them to donate before/after they take photos with us 😛 Sneaky huh?

After dunno 1-2 hours? Mika, LRP, Videl, Ajay & Intel arrived o.O So late omg..

Mika and Videl in visual kei style.. LRP half half ^^” Ajay in Haku lol

Cam-whores! XD

Gyah! Caught on cam 😛 Candid pic haha.. but she turned to face my cam.. hoho

The group of Death Note Cosplay from Lim Kok Wing posing for passerbys XD Chouji and Haku inside too 😛 Still have some other One-Piece cosplayers and Lance as RO monk and other characters not caught on cam ><

Mr President waiting for payment aka Ah Long 😡

Some even went as far as upstairs to cam-whore o.O *Caught red-handed!*

After being there til about 9 something at night, most of the cosplayers went home adi, we were all quite tired >< *Close shop!* Me also close post lazy to type adi haha.. I forgot to ask how much we earned ^^” Oh well, we did our best “forcing” people to donate XD

Turtle/tortoise balloon bought from our next door booth so cute.. Bunnie’s XD dunno they can make a lolipop balloon or not? Hm..

Anyway, also requesting everyone to go donate at the Spring there >< The Charity Event will end at 8th June ^^ To know more details on the Charity event you can visit Jimmy’s Diary (Chinese ver) and (English ver) ^^ Another blog post by ToMCaT too 😉 Minna! Cheers! XD

Mistress and maids~

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26 thoughts on “SAMS @ China Earthquake Relief Effort @ the Spring

  1. kuro says:

    oi!! wat lah…taking pictures behind my back!! yurusenai!!

    and wats wit the mistress thing…so pai tia 1…ngaiti!!

    *dies of embarrassment* T____________T

  2. Serene says:

    @kuro : A photographer has freedom to take photos no matter what XD hahaha! I’m giving you a high position ah.. See me so nice o.. 😛 Mistress(female) = Master(male) la.. if you kinda misunderstood? hehe..

  3. Videl says:

    Nyahhh~~ what me half-half? =__= (change emoticon because this one didn’t eat comment than the first one)
    i’m the same with mika leh…i’m his fashion consultant what…xD;;

  4. Serene says:

    @Prim3 : lol I’m not a match-maker ^^” so many ask me to intro the girls de.. I charge RM100 ah.. 😛 oh yea, some are taken haha..

  5. kuro says:

    “Coz they wanna see Kanon in M’sia XD” … original!! wan ori Kanon from Japan!! XDD

  6. Serene says:

    @Yume : lol nvm, we’ll inform ya the earlier time then you’ll wait for us XD no la.. jk jk 😛 Come earlier nxt time yea? If late chia us Sushi King hahaha..

  7. kuro says:

    yea yea….chia us ootoro!! the most expensive sushi!! XDD

    mika: jealous we all want the ori kanon and not u hia?? XDD jk jk….

  8. Welly says:

    hahha.. he’s my ex-classmate during primary school. and then he was my school mate during seconday school. =P

  9. Welly says:

    uhhh i’ll take safety precautions then.. xD Looolll.. introduce me to doris can can can..? =P

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