Nature and Time

As much as I love anime, and everything else actually, I do love photography especially close up shots of non-moving objects, nature included, and some shots I took at my home ^^ It had been awhile since I took photos like these, maybe it was due to my busy and hectic last semester life which gave me pressure ><

A kind of flower from my mum’s passion fruit plant @.@ Look so much like alien flower, never saw this kind before lol~

Missing Piece

Guess what “fruit”? XD Its cute and tiny :3

Using sepia effect, and my newly arrived “model” to be my photography focus XD

I don’t know why, this shot gave out a magical, nostalgic feeling, I call it : Classic Moment

I just love the antique sculpture of its detail~ so classic and victorian >_<

Was taken during my family’s visit to Grand parent’s grave ^^

A belated Birthday gift from an ex classmate :DDDD

Inside the treasure chest was a key and an eiffel tower XD really TQ~

I’ve finish my Final Final Examzzz and I’m soooo free now 😀 So during this holidays, I would like to try to improve my photography skills on taking close up shots of objects of which I love ^^ Hence, more photos may come out soon 😛

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