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Its been sooooooooo long since I blogged about food right? @.@ So here it is XD Yakuza invited us all right b4 Valentines ahem to go try a restaurant which serves western pork dishes as its specialty, so everyone ordered pork :3 The chef is an Australian and we can see him cooking in the kitchen (kinda) 😛

MY Restaurant is located at Samajaya, near Lodge Primary School for local, at a shoplot area, kinda dark and isolated there, but there were alota ppl when we reach haha.. got some reason there right? XD Well, din got to take shots of the place but I can say its decent and a soft-feeling-like environment ^^ Attendance :

Our Mr Yakuza sitting at the Head seat lol!

Ishihara Hotaru and Babydino 😛 Owh.. epic pic? tralalala XD

The rest : Arthur, Cherdas, Satriakid and Shawn~~~ 😛

My and I mean mine really, Mix Grilled Pork 😀 RM38

lol sorry, 4got the name, the price should be around RM20-30 ><

Ishihara’s pork :3 Called 3 Pig XDDDDDDD RM26-28 hahaha

Lol wrong name~ Roasted Pig something? 😛 RM36-38

The drinks there were bit expensive @.@ Chapman on the left RM7-8, Carrot juice on the right RM7 (no taste T.T)

Dessert~ Brownie RM12~ Its hot and cold XD

Overall for the food, quite nice, price quite normal for western food RM25-40++ Well most importantly is to eat its Pork dishes as its their specialty, you’ll see different types of pork dishes in their menu 😀 Just bit thumbs down on the drink >.< haha gotta choose wisely next time, maybe  a Chapman 😛

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