My Flowery Birthday 2012

My Birthday, which was on the 20th November had just recently passed~ And so was the celebrations for it XD And dam, before and after my Birthdate, I had classes which kinda spoilt half the mood already T.T

But stilll~ Had fun during my celebrations with friends and family and eaten alota good stuffs, if you get what I mean 😛

Lamb Chop at Badger Bar, Sarawak Club (went with parents) XD

Birthday Celebration with Ex-course mates @ Gourmet Sausage

Yup~ Haven’t really review Gourmet Sausage since the last time I went, so might as well~ XD Eventhough its a week night, there were still alot of people going for their “branded” sausages @.@ The settings is quite nice actually, the only problem is how they are gonna accumulate more customers hahaha~ Its a good thing 😛

Rootbeers!! 2 with floats! 1 Jumbo size! And that’s mine :3 They now served a bigger portion for the rootbeer compared to last time, that’s an improvement 😀 Though my Jumbo size glass wasn’t fully filled, the one in the pic is how it was served already, beh shiok le~ >.<

Pig in Blanket

Explanation by Cynthia: It’s called Pig in blanket because the pork sausages are wrapped in bacon like a blanket LOL

In the middle is the mash potato~ And its sooooooo delicious~~! Pork paradise especially the bacon XD Cost only RM14.90 😀

And we ordered Hungry Dinosaur to share around, because we were tempted by the incredibly HUGE DINOSAUR size 😛 See that whole mountain of FRENCH FRIES! @.@ Cost: RM49.90

Included is about 4 types of *plump* sausages, 1 chicken chop, 1 pork ribs, and a whole lots of FRENCH FRIES~ <3

Yup~~ I <3 FRENCH FRIES XD Especially when its kinda rare to eat this type of thicker + spice type 😀

And so it begins! And NO I’m not 26 YET! @.@

Making a sincere wish~ >.<

And blow! :3

Hehe Thank you~ 😀

Never thought I would receive a SailorMoon cake hahaha~ XD

Group pic~ Thank you girls ^^

Some cam shots with each of the girls, I’m such a celebrity right? nyahahhahaa :3

And slice 😛

Theresa slicing the other half, coz she’s the next Birthday celebrity haha

Another cake shot, this looks so matching with the background twinkling right? XD

Presents for Birthday 2012

I love all the wrappings or bags XD

An extra gift from my dear BF <3 Thank you >3< A flowery tea pot set with kawaiii tiny tea cups :3 Now can invite people come my house for lim teh LOL

Other presents for the year hahaha~ A flowery bucket as my “rubbish bin”, oil fragrant flower thingy, hair accessory, and kuma keychain ^^ Thanks so much for them, I love them! :3

Birthday Celebration @ Li Garden *surprise*

I included the title but actually I do not have lotsa pics of it. No one has given me pics for the whole evening yet :’D I only can steal one though~

Yup~ I love stabbing XD Photo credit to Tomi lol~

Birthday cake was 2 layered, decorated lovely flowers on top and wrapped with white beautiful lace around~ It was nice~~ gotta thank my BF for it ne~~ hehehe :3 Thank you and all of you~ I love it~! XD And thanks for organizing this celebration 😀 I gotta say, I’m lucky to have you all as my friends =>3<=

Thank you to those who wished me at my FB and SMS~ Appreciate them :’D

And so~ It ends here.. maybe~ 😛

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