My Birthday Owns ME!

I’m finally 19! XD Wasn’t able to post this earlier as I was so busy during my Birthday lol The previous posts were events about my Birthday in 2008 Haha.. Wanna thank all of you who wishes me Happy Birthday in my Facebook, SMS and blog and msn hehe.. And some of my Birthday presents, though not as many as last year, they are still worth more than last year’s worth ^^ I accept your sincerity! Wahahah I’m sot adi 😛

The earliest one was a crystal pendant by my old secondary school classmates Mavis, Poh Fen and Angela

Thanks again hehe.. Am wearing it now as I’m typing here XD

Then the night before my Birthday, my sis gave me a trendy T-shirt XD hehe.. I’m lacking of clothes? lol

And yesterday while going to lunch by my best frens Onineko, ToMCaT and MiKa hehehe..

Nice wrapping though no nd wrap lol

Eh eh.. My recent fetish, bunnie haha..

And inside~ Wa… When I open really bling bling blinded my eyes ah.. Plus there’s spotlight at the place where I opened the box so reali “ching” my eyes o.O swt.. It’s nice and bling bling lol Thanks again guys hehe ^^ I’ll treasure it til dun wan wear wahaha..

Arigatou to all my frens :

And my family : Mum, Dad, Sis and Bro(CH)3

PS : Japanese Food the best present from Dad XD lol

For some reason it kinda pains me that some of my frens doesn’t remember about my special day, whether in uni or my old frens which remembered last year, but not this year T.T And someone important to me, posted other ppl’s bday, but not mine.. *I know I’m childish, not fair ma >.<* can’t hold in my disappointment no matter what, even made me unhappy on my Birthday night.. 🙁 Sad… Oh well, I’m still lucky to have my close close frens in uni who took the effort of preparing for my Birthday to make me happy ^^ It had covered every little bad stuff which is happening.. I’m so glad I have them as my frens.. Thank you..

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