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Me and Kim went to visit our friend’s toy/figure/hobby shop, MomoToys yesterday. The shop moved from the Spring to One Jaya @ Jalan Song with better arrangement and bigger storage 😀 (got a staircase go up too >_<) Every figure/gundam/figma/nendo collectors in Kuching should go and support as their price is not bad, and most importantly, they got the HOT ITEMS! lol

For example, Saber Lily by Alter, Kagamine Rin by MaxFactory, Miku Hatsune VN02 Mix by MaxFactory, Black Rock Shooter : Black blade ver, Goddess of Forest Elwyn and Xecty in bikini, K-on! etc etc 😀

They accept request to help find figures that aren’t available in Kuching too ^.^

MomoToys, almost done with the renovation and opening for business on 1st November 😀

All the monsters 😀

All the figures 😀

The 1/6 scale figures 😀

All the nendos 😀

Yup.. limteh plus playing games in front of the shop lol No.40 is a lucky number XD

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2 thoughts on “MomoToys Soft Opening

  1. Shawn says:

    Forgot to ask Satriakid to bring his camera yesterday… oTL

    Anyway, congratulations to Ryu on the opening~
    Finally we have place to hang out again XD

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