Moments of Closing In

As the days gone by, the moment is closing in, and lots of them altogether, good and bad omg~ I can even list them out which may stretch more than 5? @.@

  • Assignments due
  • Prom Night
  • *————* Dinner 😛
  • Tests and presentation
  • Final exams
  • KL vacation
  • Comic Fiesta 2010

Well, that’s all for 2010, more in 2011 *something BIGGER* lol~ I sound so busy XD Except for assignments and tests etc, I’m looking forward to all the others XD Tho I’m bit nervous about them o.O coz all will need some careful preparations before I can enjoy >.<” Prom Night preparations are 100% completed with just few stuffs to go back and buy 😛 All thats left would be “practicing” >< I expect that very day would be so rush and chaotic lol <– used to it adi XP

And and and… I’ve began the planning and preparations for Comic Fiesta which I’ll stay for 1 night in between, close to Time Square, may be Cosplaying and Lolita for each day 😀 and.. BIG haul @.@

Of coz, can’t neglect studies~ Yup, just do it like in my previous post hahaha… But but but I’m in the mood for designing~~~~~~~~~~ o.o *conflicts* Wish me luck on surviving lol~


Again, I’ve modified and added some features to the site. Maybe you’ve noticed, you can now FB “like” each of my posts and pages. I’m not sure whether its better to put it in each posts/pages or just add ONE to the sidebar @.@ So do gimme some feedback 😀 Tho the sidebar’s need to have a FB Page (I think), omg I’m not so popular how can I apply a page for myself >< *blush*

Took me awhile to add the feature, editing the code and stuffs, makes me go @round@ haha..

I’ve also added a new Link category — Sarawak Bloggers. Feel free to visit them as they blog about their precious moments ^^

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