Kyanime 2012

Sorry for the late update on Kyanime~ At least its still June, right? :’D Been busy with Anime Gathering 2012 preparations in order to offer Anime Fans the best event night ever~!! XD Feel free to join in the fun of gathering with same interest ppl yea~ ^^

Anyway, for this year Kyanime 2012 the venue was in The Hills Shopping Mall. The annual event offered more variety than last year with quite a few booths related to Anime and its sub-cultures 😀 Lets go on with pictars~~~~

On Friday night the opening ceremony of Kyanime 2012

The drawing aka leave-your-footprint corner XD

Some performance for the opening

The ACG band in Kuching : Saichou Neko

The Dolly Carnet‘s booth!

Some merchandises for sale by TDC~

The MCs for all 3 days of Kyanime~

Poor Charlotte, seems Forever Alone 8DDD

Some Cosplay nearby :’D

This girl played the guitar while singing~ Cool~ o.O

Good singing on classic Japanese song! 😉

She sings quite well too 😀

Again, performance by Saichou Neko~

All performers GATHER!

The end of Day 2 and I couldn’t go to Day 3 coz need to work already :’D Well, its a good gathering with everyone again after so long~ I did not Cosplay this time~~ But I will maybe in future events, after I complete my preparations for my next Cosplay~! I’ve decided to go for my old time favourite~ Not telling 8DD Adieu~!

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