Kuching Flood and Two Missing

UPDATE 21 Jan 2012

The girl’s body was found near Kampung Goebilt, Muara Tebas. That is quite far and out of Kuching already @.@ Read more about it here.


UPDATE 7 Jan 2012

Body of the man who tried to save the girl found! Refer to this article here.


Yesterday early morning around 5am the already raining weather became even heavier which caused flash flood almost everywhere in Kuching, surprisingly, areas which were never flooded before, and vice versa. I woke up to a flood of flood pictures in Facebook, it was kinda unbelievable just in a few hours Kuching was flooded quite seriously, it was jam packed everywhere too as everyone was trying to avoid flooded areas to go to work. Some got stuck and lim teh at nearby Kopitiam lol

Unfortunately, there were two casualties/missing people in this time’s flood, 1 Form 6 girl student and a guy working at nearby petrol station. The girl fell into a big drain with high rush current while the guy jumped in to rescue her, but was wash away with the current too, and he can’t swim ^^” I’m not sure whether they’ve found them already or not, according to The Borneo Post, they are still searching. Though don’t know from where there’s a rumor in Facebook about the girl’s body being found dead @.@ Hope that’s not so.

You can view scenes of Kuching Flood areas here http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/01/06/flash-flood-scenes-around-kuching-city/

News on the two missing persons here :

1. http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/01/06/two-missing-student-and-would-be-rescuer-swept-away-in-storm-drain-latest/

2. http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/01/06/risking-his-life-to-save-another/

3. http://www.sarawakupdate.com.my/2012/01/two-missing-in-kuching-storm.html

Lets all pray that they can be found, safe and sound 🙂

*Note : It is advisable not to jump into the water to rescue someone if you do not know how to swim, eventhough it is brave of you, because it is another life which you yourself must cherish and not to throw away! It is a sad case 🙁

What you can do is immediately seek another’s help who are able to.

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