Karaoke with Chef’s Special

A day after going to Enter K, me and my family went to the Chef’s Special to have a dinner there, as well as karaoke! lol My parents are karaoke’holics much more than me I tell ya, so they know which place with better karaoke especially their sound system ^^” I forgot to take a pic of Chef’s Special >< It’s the one near 3rd mile roundabout and Sunway College 😛 You’ll see a Chef’s pic on their shiny bright board XD So, we book a room upstairs where free karaoke is provided in each room, some rooms are bigger which can accommodate about 20 people having a dinner in restaurant style ^^” It’s not karaoke lounge if you are thinking that o.O Chef’s Special is a restaurant 🙂

The drink menu upstairs room.. I din take pics of the food menu, too much o.O

Woo.. 3D chili portrait XD

3D orange portrait lol I like the interior design, quite nice and I forget to take pic of the whole room ><

And the karaoke set.. XD same as Popwave or Enter K karaoke system,just the sound system better ^^What I mentioned in my Enter K post, Enter K might have many new songs, the sound system is not very good compared to Chef’s Special’s sound system, the songs list are almost the same level as Popwave or Enter K, the only weakness is they put English and Chinese as well as other language singers songs together, making it very hard to find the songs o.O Like browsing through a load of computer datas in a small TV *.* I can still sing much my own favourite songs ^^ That’s adi satisfying 😛

And here comes the food.. Yummy Huang Ti Mee.. XD

Tasty Pork Paw.. the waiter shouldn’t intro this dish le.. not much meat >< some oni bones o.O

Soup.. I must have soup for each meal.. XD

I din took the rest of the food, coz I was busy singing karaoke haha.. I just realized I love to sing ^^” there’s still so many songs can sing, but my bro, he can’t stand being there waiting adi so hafta go >.< Overall, the karaoke there is reali nice.. but will need to spend about RM200++ to sing karaoke for free there? o.O I just saw their fliers today at Spring saying that need to spend above RM250 to get the free karaoke.. swt.. ^^” If you’re having a dinner at a restaurant, you can consider Chef’s Special, the settings is nice, food is ok and the karaoke is good.. haha..

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