Happy Chinese 牛 Year!

It’s NOW!! NOW!! NOOOWWW!!!! The year of the golden moments~ To dress up nicely, eat delicious food and get fat, go visiting and collect “Ang Pao” for youngsters only Most importantly, go back to your families and celebrate a Happy Chinese New Year of Ox together~! ^^

A golden and kawai- moo moo for all my precious visitors XD FYI, I drew everything in the pic above hehehe.. Just amateur work though >< Hope they’re to your liking 😛

Have a prosperous~

Good fortune, healthy,

Adventurous and Exciting year ahead!

Super Duper

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Ang Pao please~~~ :3 

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14 thoughts on “Happy Chinese 牛 Year!

  1. Serene says:

    @Persocom : Happy New Year~ Thx 😀 but its still amateur drawing lol
    @Ken : cunted? o.O
    @Irene : Happy Niu Year XD Ox ox ong!
    @Otacon : Happy Chinese New Year! lol ok, count ur clicks as ang pao XD virtual ang pao haha.. thx thx 😛

  2. Serene says:

    @Onineko : lol Ya lo.. Wan say again can sms too XD
    @Fatzo : Happy CNY ^^ Thanks haha
    @renaye : Haha.. alot of ang pao, but inside not alot lol still can tahan 😛

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