Hapi Mooncake Festival~!

To every readers! Every friends! Every relatives! Everyone! From the bottom of my heart I wish you all Happy Mooncake Festival ^^ Today is the day we can see the moon in full circle hehe.. Enjoy the moon, enjoy the lanterns and most important enjoy eating Mooncakes weee.. 😛


*PS : I wan agar-agar mooncake ><*

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9 thoughts on “Hapi Mooncake Festival~!

  1. Otacon says:

    mmm last time my dad’s friend gave him a mooncake…so i tried to eat it, it was really tasty! ^^ i want to eat again, but dunno what brand is good ooo…o wer to buy tasty one?

  2. Serene says:

    @Irene : Eh? Reali? So chun le.. I just simply take 1 mooncake from the table lol This 1 got eggyolk kok hehe..
    @Otacon : ayo.. why ate oni once o.O Not sure which brand gud o.. I oni wait parents buy or ppl giv lol Tink every mooncake nice 😛

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