Early Birthday Gift :3

Last Sunday went to Boulevard with my old secondary school gang aka my best frens, Mavis, Poh Fen and Angela 😛 Ate Pizza Hut, too bad their choice of pizzas had decreased o.O left only Chicken and Egg pizzas >.< *I wan beef~*

Anyway, we went into Zahara and saw the beautiful shiny crystal pendant on display. Price quite reasonable so was interested. Never thought Poh Fen would suggest buying the crystal pendant as my Birthday gift liao.. lol Very very early ho… ^^”

They gave free tiny kawai pouch hehe..

It’s so beautiful~ I love the colour, shows its own mysterious being, dark and enchanting~ hehe.. Thanks guys for buying me such an early Birthday gift haha.. *but heart heavy to wear it yet o.O*

That day also bought 2 clothes lol Dunno why am so excited bout it wahaha.. Maybe coz haven enjoy clothes shopping for so long adi o.O I miss trying out nice nice clothes >_< lol

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