080808 Olympic

Ah.. I’ve just came back from Bei Jing watching the Olympics haha.. Just joking.. ^^”

I missed the chance to update, keep having obstacles like having to go meeting, work, and black out crisis last night o.O Took quite some time to edit the photos too haha.. Taken some photos, they are really nice o.O China did a great job preparing and running the opening ceremony, just that its too delaying ^^” Anyway, prepare for photo awesomeness!



The whole stage is a scroll, nice.. ^^


Some performances and scroll changing colours o.O


Stage from above the stage


The changing words o.O

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1st! KuchingBloggers Meeting 08

Last Saturday night attended the 1st KuchingBloggers.com Meeting at Sharing Planet ^^ About 40++ of the 50 bloggers attended as some cudn’t attend >< Well, we do enjoyed ourselves – Me, Onineko and ToMCaT *And I printed 20 bloggers namecards for the event lol*

This event was organized by the KuchingBloggers.com people, mainly Jimmy, Irene and Tim located at Sharing Planet ^^

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It’s finally Chinese New Year! Another ending for last year haha.. Anyway, did a little something for everyone ^^ Well, it’s more convenient than mailing cards rite? ^^” Remember to share it 😛


BTW, you’re all invited to come to my house during CNY 😉 The ones I know ne.. Strangers, identify yourself before coming XP But not the 5th or 6th day coz I’m having examz o.O


Hope everyone have a very rich rich rich happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!


To plastic collectors, hope you all collect many many ang pao this year and become richer lol Does it only apply to kids? 😛 I hope I get many hehehe..


*imagine all the food~* I’m gonna be fat.. >< *help me*

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SAMS Anime Gathering ~ Sneak Peek

After this event I think my hard drive space wud be full of photos and videos again lol Now here’s some sneak shots for the event 😉

Wacha looking at?

Ow.. So loli… and sexy?

Meido! Holding a broom~ Soo Meido!

Well, I can’t reveal too much yet, can I? hehehe.. Dun drool guys..

Photos courtesy of Nerdrazor

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