Tinkle Illustrations 2 : Byakuya no Chakai (SUPER RARE)

If you guys notice my msn message, here’s what arrived which made me sooooooo excited! XD Coz it’s very very rare, the rarest and hardest to obtain in my life, and my most fav coz I love the style 😛 Tinkle’s Byakuya no Chakai てぃんくるイラストレーションズ2白夜茶会. My story of purchasing this rare doujin will be at the end of the post XP

On that day, as usual checking through the mails, was expecting some notice of Pos Malaysia and tadaa~~ There’s 1.. o.O Wee… Coincidentally dad jz came back from traveling, quite free there, ask him fetch me go Pos Malaysia at Pending there 😛 Was half expecting custom tax, scare ma, who knows will tax? @.@ Luckily no tax, asked for my IC num and signature that’s all >_<

Reached home and slowly.. savour the feeling of opening the package….

Open.. I screamed~ OMG it’s here it’s here XD Continue reading

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Happy Chinese 牛 Year!

It’s NOW!! NOW!! NOOOWWW!!!! The year of the golden moments~ To dress up nicely, eat delicious food and get fat, go visiting and collect “Ang Pao” for youngsters only Most importantly, go back to your families and celebrate a Happy Chinese New Year of Ox together~! ^^

A golden and kawai- moo moo for all my precious visitors XD FYI, I drew everything in the pic above hehehe.. Just amateur work though >< Hope they’re to your liking 😛

Have a prosperous~

Good fortune, healthy,

Adventurous and Exciting year ahead!

Super Duper

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Ang Pao please~~~ :3 

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My Birthday Owns ME!

I’m finally 19! XD Wasn’t able to post this earlier as I was so busy during my Birthday lol The previous posts were events about my Birthday in 2008 Haha.. Wanna thank all of you who wishes me Happy Birthday in my Facebook, SMS and blog and msn hehe.. And some of my Birthday presents, though not as many as last year, they are still worth more than last year’s worth ^^ I accept your sincerity! Wahahah I’m sot adi 😛

The earliest one was a crystal pendant by my old secondary school classmates Mavis, Poh Fen and Angela

Thanks again hehe.. Am wearing it now as I’m typing here XD

Then the night before my Birthday, my sis gave me a trendy T-shirt XD hehe.. I’m lacking of clothes? lol

And yesterday while going to lunch by my best frens Onineko, ToMCaT and MiKa hehehe..

Nice wrapping though no nd wrap lol

Eh eh.. My recent fetish, bunnie haha..

And inside~ Wa… When I open really bling bling blinded my eyes ah.. Plus there’s spotlight at the place where I opened the box so reali “ching” my eyes o.O swt.. It’s nice and bling bling lol Thanks again guys hehe ^^ I’ll treasure it til dun wan wear wahaha..

Arigatou to all my frens : Continue reading

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Early Birthday Gift :3

Last Sunday went to Boulevard with my old secondary school gang aka my best frens, Mavis, Poh Fen and Angela 😛 Ate Pizza Hut, too bad their choice of pizzas had decreased o.O left only Chicken and Egg pizzas >.< *I wan beef~*

Anyway, we went into Zahara and saw the beautiful shiny crystal pendant on display. Price quite reasonable so was interested. Never thought Poh Fen would suggest buying the crystal pendant as my Birthday gift liao.. lol Very very early ho… ^^”

They gave free tiny kawai pouch hehe..

It’s so beautiful~ I love the colour, shows its own mysterious being, dark and enchanting~ hehe.. Thanks guys for buying me such an early Birthday gift haha.. *but heart heavy to wear it yet o.O*

That day also bought 2 clothes lol Dunno why am so excited bout it wahaha.. Maybe coz haven enjoy clothes shopping for so long adi o.O I miss trying out nice nice clothes >_< lol

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Hapi Mooncake Festival~!

To every readers! Every friends! Every relatives! Everyone! From the bottom of my heart I wish you all Happy Mooncake Festival ^^ Today is the day we can see the moon in full circle hehe.. Enjoy the moon, enjoy the lanterns and most important enjoy eating Mooncakes weee.. 😛


*PS : I wan agar-agar mooncake ><*

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