Rose & Blood ~ Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight is a beautiful, romantic, blood-thrilling manga by Hino Matsuri 樋野まつり with stunning, mysterious, dark secrets. You’ll never stop longing for it.. And you get all the nice bishies in every page! XD

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural

Introducing the 3 main characters, from left to right, Zero Kiryu, Yuki Cross and Kaname Kuran. The artwork is just so nice >_< The story line is a hit too.. You won’t know what’s coming.. o.O and you’ll end up with your jaw hanging *swt*

And now, they’re releasing the anime version! To my surprise, the animation is almost similar to the manga artwork, which is the character’s eyes, the most attractive part for me 😛 Such as other anime like Full Moon wo Sagashite, the manga’s artwork is just so wow.. However the anime’s graphic style is just too plain. I prefered the manga style ><

As for Vampire Knight, here’s a preview of the anime ^^



The preview is available through direct download or torrent ^^ Subbed by The song name is “Two Heartbeats and the Red Sin” by ON/OFF , it really suit the dark settings of the anime where the chorus is nice too, not entirely scary kinda music if you know what I mean 😛 Anyway, the song is available for download in Shoku-dan’s site too 😉

The release of the anime will be in 7th April 2008, that means around now! XD Expect it to come out anytime soon lol

This is a summary taken from MiniTokyo:

Yuki Cross has no memory of her life before the age of five, when she was attacked by a vampire and strangely enough, she was saved by another one who she calls Kaname-Sama. 10 years later she now lives with her adoptive father, Headmaster Cross, at Cross academy; a prestigious private school with an unusual class structure. The student body is divided into two classes: the Day Class, which is made up of ordinary students, and the Night Class, an elite group of ‘beautiful people’.

Along with Zero Kiryu, who was also a victim of a vampire attack that killed his whole family, Yuki plays the role of a guardian at Cross Academy. They are the guardians of the school for the purpose of the night Class’s secret: The Night Class is made up of vampires! What should happen if the Day Class discovered the Night Class’ secret? And what dark secret is Kaname hiding from Yuki? And the ultimate question: Who will win Yuki’s heart? Kaname or Zero?

I’ll be looking forward to the anime since it looks promising enough ^^ Hope it follows the manga’s story, every bit of it as it’s too good to be left off >< It’ll be nice to watch animated Kaname and Zero romancing with Yuki XD at least you can see their brave love action with colours lol But Bishies must stay Bishies! Otherwise what’s the point of enjoying handsome, pretty guys protecting an innocent girl 😡 Girls! Don’t miss this if you enjoy a romantic love story with beautiful guys in it lol The girls are beautiful too if you ask me ^^” More points for Vampire Knight XD haha..

Yuki Cross in Gothic >_<

Sho cool and beautiful~ Just love Hino Matsuri’s artwork ^^

Other works by Hino Matsuri :

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Merupuri – Completed

Toraware no Minoue – Ongoing

Wanted – Completed

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8 thoughts on “Rose & Blood ~ Vampire Knight

  1. Mirei says:

    I’m sooooo LOVING this series! I hope the anime version will stay true to the manga.. so far ep 1 is totally HOT! :P~~ w00t~

  2. ryukku-k says:

    I have been following VK manga since from the very start and LOVE it all the way…XDXD and hoping that the anime will stay true to the manga too~ ^^

  3. buddy says:

    love this manga and in anime ……… rockz ……..if you ant seen it watch

    it on you tube…… itz fucking awsome!!!!!

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