Beach Trip

Last week, Mika planned to go to Pasir Pandak and asked me, Onineko and ToMCaT along.. Yea, the 4 guys again 😛 So last Saturday 1st went shopping with Onineko to buy some snacks go beach eat XD At the same time bought some home food supply XP After that Mika came to pick us up at Onineko’s house and on our way to the beach!

He feels romantic~

Pasir Pandak.. It’s actually full of rubbish on the other side 😛

And and and there was an island not far from the sea side >_<

I shoot you you shoot me, monkey in the middle 😛

It’s photography time~ XD My fav, shoot non-human pics lol

Trapped between branches

A sea of shells~

Faraway universe

Self-capture : Chun!

Nice angle XD Taken by Onineko lol

Superior angle o.O

Then saw someone taking Pre-wedding photos there lol

Heaven’s door opens

My beautiful foot.. 😀

I dunno wat they’re digging o.O

Mika had been walking back and fro the beach to the car ^^” Dunno wat’s he doing swt..

And left my foot steps ^^

In the evening, the sea sparkles in the sun light. We made preparations and say our sayonara to Pasir Pandak~

Ad : Drink and eat these for good health 😀 *photo by Mika*

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19 thoughts on “Beach Trip

  1. MiKa says:

    somehow that picture with me seemed like i got use eyeliner (if u zoom in)… but actually i dont…

    just dunno why my eyes seem to be rather ‘highlighted’… :/

  2. onineko says:

    hahaha..ur this post very funny…all the comments oso very funny..knt tahan wen read…the funniest part is the 1st photo… “he feels romantic” buahahahahahahaha……rofl!! reli knt tahan dat caption…hahaha…XD

  3. Serene says:

    @onineko : lol is lidat de when walking at the beach 😛 Will feel romantic~ XD yea, the “ugly” comments wahahaha..

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