Frozen Cheese Cake Night!

Last night made a Frozen Cheese Cake! As my brother will be leaving for KL soon and haven eaten our specialty frozen cheese cake yet haha.. Went to H&L buy the biscuits as one of the important ingredients o.O

Now.. Let me teach ya how to do delicious Frozen Cheese Cake ^^ It’s very easy.. Can finish in an hour.. hehe.. And need a fridge with sufficient space yea? 😉

My job is this.. Use magic turn the biscuits to powder..

Smash the biscuits to bits 1st and putting them in the blender..

Connect them and push the button lol Paiseh.. I use high tech blender blend the biscuits to powder form ^^

And all powdery.. Next is the butter..

1st, need to heat up to melt the butter.. Then pour them into the powdered biscuits.. Mix them evenly and flatten in the tray.

My mum prepares the top part, “massaging” the cheese 1st..

Then mix in condensed milk, melted gelatine(whole bottle), and pineapple blended juice. Lalala.. Pour onto the mixed biscuits with butter in the tray..

Slowly put into the fridge and wait for at least 3 hours, but 1 night is the best ^^ Yum yum frozen cheese cake is made! Ate it this morning.. The sweet coldness melting in my mouth.. drooling? 😛

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