Sirius Scars

Alternative title : シリウスの痕, Cicatrice of the Sirius, Sirius Scars

Genres : Action, Mature, Romance, Shounen

Summary : this is the story of a teen-age boy named Takeru Tachibana and his struggle to recover his sister Sayoko from a “cyborg dogfight circuit”. When takeru was 10-years-old, his town was bombed during an enemy air-raid in which his parents were killed and he was mortally wounded. sayoko, cut deep with “survivor’s guilt” and a “co-dependent” inability to deal with living alone, rashly sells her brain to the albion corporation run by a mysterious ceo named Véltare Marçeau in order to pay for a risky surgical operation that takeru may or may not survive. her brain is placed in a cybernectic body, the process of which essentially eliminates the brain’s memories and hightens its aggression. her new identity is The White 13 aka “The Ice Doll” and for the next five years she is placed on a dogfight circuit fighting other cyborgs in gladiator-style extravaganzas where she eventually becomes the grand champion and obtains the rank of “sirius“…

the story begins shortly after Takeru has liberated his sister from the dogfight circuit only to discover that, outside the cicuit, Sayoko’s brain has a “self-destruct” mechanism and that she is dying. Takeru has one week to find a way to cure his sister or return her to the circuit or she will die. adding to the problem are the “dogged” efforts of the albion corporation’s efforts to recover “their stolen property” as well as a cast of character’s who all have their own scars of some sort… [Studio Robb]


Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4


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