Princess Serenity Petit Chara by Megahouse

Finally I unboxed and assembled my Princess Serenity Petit Chara by Megahouse >_<

This Princess Serenity version was a bit hard to obtain, and how I waited so long for her to arrive, cause due to those holidays and cny >_< Not to say, almost all the merchandises for SailorMoon 20th anniversary merchandises are hard to import to Malaysia as they’re only available in Japan >_<

So yeah, I have my source :3 You can read about it in my earlier post XD

*If you would like help in buying some of her merchandises, I can provide the service (at a charge) provided it is still available >_<

Bought a display case from Daiso, since its big enough for her, and took her out into the sunlight back in Kuching :3

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Sailor Moon Princess Serenity & Cameo Charms Gashapon (20th Anniversary Collection)

I’m was so excited to receive my order for Princess Serenity & Cameo Charms Gashapon, and it has finally arrived! 😀 It took longer than expected due to holidays and some circumstances >_< Well as long they arrived safely ~_~

I haven’t fully opened them yet, still in box/plastic lol will do a shoot on them once I got back my camera and back in Kuching 😛

Princess Serenity Puchi Chara by Megahouse

I fell in love at 1st sight! Not to mention my love for Princess Serenity is already at its best XD I love how her expression is so soft, beautiful, and fantasy-ish >_< Now I just need a pretty back drop for it lol~

More info on the puchi chara can be found here , though it is already out of print by now >_<

Sailor Moon Cameo Charms Gashapon 2015

I haven’t gotten off the plastic due to wanna keep it clean and out of harm’s way til I transfer them back to my home town room lol~ but yeah~ I love cameo! Those who know me well knows that I love cameo and I collects them, especially the ones with a lady :3 So when they announced about it, I was thrilled~! >_< Though don’t think I will be wearing them out any time soon, unless I bought another set for outdoor use 😛

More info of the Cameo Charms here (I love this site 8D )

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ANIMAX Carnival 2015 Live Concert

Recently the Animax FB page updated on their next event in Malaysia, ANIMAX Carnival 2015!

I believe they had their first carnival in Malaysia in 2013, and this year, they’re back with 3 artists + a live concert! 😀

  • Date: 28 & 29 March 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Time: 10am to 6pm/8pm
  • Concert time: 3pm-5pm (on Sunday)
  • Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC)

The 3 artists namely:

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Ultimate Madoka in My Hands!

The time of the ultimate descent arrived~! Ultimate Madoka, Sanjo!! Ultimate delay in shipment, ultimate huge protective box, ultimate assemble and most of all ultimate sculpture, I just can’t stop looking at her! XD

I blogged about her preview in this post, if you’re interested 😛

This is the very first figure I got since the last time I was attracted to any figures, and I sure am glad I got her, price was rough but it’s ok~ Money can be earned anytime, figures are just once-in-a-lifetime lol!

Hence, did a photoshoot of her, a review for you maybe~ 😀

The box was hugeeee~~~ Even the seller complained it was bigger than his head :3

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Japanese Hobby Collectibles Toy Shop in Kuching: Momotoys

Since Momotoys, an authentic Japanese Hobby Collectibles toy shop in Kuching is still not known to alot of Kuchingnites, I figure that blogging about it would be suitable, convenient for people in Kuching to find a shop selling the latest Japanese Anime character figures, PVC, nendo, figmas, gunplas etc etc. Not to say, ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC *beware of bootlegs!* 😀

Momotoys is located in One Jaya, Jalan Song at the 3rd floor near the seafood restaurant. If you discover a lovely figure that you wanted to buy but missed the release date, you could find Momotoys for help XD They sell mostly authentic Japanese related hobbies collectibles, toys, anime merchandises and many more (You should try asking in their facebook page XD) They accept pre-orders on the latest anime figures, pvc, nendo and figmas, all these are updated and announced in their page, so best to follow them if you’re interested 😉 They ship within Malaysia, as well as world wide~ I’m sure their prices are competitive even with those in West Malaysia :X

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Convert Torrent to Direct Download

Sometimes the download speed for torrent is so slow like around 10+kbps, it would need a few days to finish (for my case) an anime episode around 300+mb @.@ And I’m so lazy to download in IRC XD And so.. I found a way to convert torrent to direct download link, downloading via Internet Download Manager (IDM) just saves up so much of the time, eliminating the delay/wait, and watch alll the anime release in 1 day (causing me early suspense =3=)

Example of a torrent convert to direct download. In IDM the speed reach 140+ KB/sec with a resume capability 😀

Converting Torrent to Direct Download

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