Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Alternative title :

Mermaid Melody : Pichi Pichi Pitch

ぴちぴちピッチ (Japanese)

ぴちぴちピッチ―マーメイドメロディー (Japanese)

Genres : comedy, magic, romance

Plot Summary : When Luchia was a young mermaid, she saved an orphan boy of her age from a sinking ship by giving him her pearl. Years later, she assumes human form to get her long-lost pearl from the boy — but she can’t tell him that she’s the mermaid who saved him or she’ll turn into foam. [ANN]

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Volume 7 [END]

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One thought on “Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

  1. rime says:

    please can u reupload this to mediafire or something like (no waiting site) thanks a lot :)) and also watashi ni xx shinasai and faster than a kiss and and kaichou wa maid sama = both is a romantic manga please ^^ upload them both here thanks.. and about shinshi doumei cross is chapter 47 is the last one.. i mean i’ve seen chapter 49 ehehe thanks XD

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