Tsum Tsum Autosender Instruction (PC)

Tsum Tsum Autosender Instructions via PC

Tsum Tsum has been a widely played mobile game since quite many years ago, I played it too but only recently I just turned hardcore following my friends 😛
I joined heart sending groups and began adding players from all around the world (International ver btw)

And so, my friend list also began to increase, up til 300! Imagine sending to 300 friends 5-6 times manually each day since each group has a minimum heart count weekly need to send (eg 35 <3 /week)

After awhile, it became harder to send as I’m a working adult now, I won’t have much time to send during work hours *sads*

Then I began researching on the “magical” auto senders which everyone is using and enables them to send up to 100+ hearts weekly!

I was excited about it but when I try to search for a clear instruction, there wasn’t much for a beginner like me who doesn’t know A-Z of the software. And so I just scavenge from the popular reddit thread that touch on the said topic.
It still doesn’t give any clear head start so I just try to solve the puzzle collecting pieces of information discussed.

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Top 10 Benefits of Playing SDO

Top 10 Benefits of Playing SDO : SDO is quite popular these few years, some (parents) may say kids become addictive to it, but my experience shown otherwise :3 It’s not just child’s play yoooo~~~ When playing Super Dancer Online (SDO) the top 10 benefits which helped in my life, and everyone’s too are as explained below XD

Top 10 Benefits of Playing SDO


Benefit #1 Keeping Sanity Intact! ****

Playing SDO could release daily stress, yup~ Just spam keyboard and you get to feel better, for FREE, trying harder and harder songs recklessly 😛 It’s something like going outside for some fresh air when you’re too stress out with life~ Have a break, Play SDO XD Continue reading

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How to install and login to XDO / SDO China without changing Windows language or installing Flashwind

Sometimes it is quite troublesome to change Windows language to Chinese and install Flashwind in order to login to Super Dancer Online SDO China server (超级舞者). My Chinese is not that great and I prefer to install less programs as it will burden the system more.

See how the chinese words can't display and all gibberish? That's called non-Unicode Continue reading

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SDO Facts

Some facts about SDO (Super Dancer Online) or XDO XD <— yes, its to confuse u.. 😛

SDO-X (Malaysia server)

WHY do players lose?

1st, noob~! Is really missing and couldn’t keep up with the song speed.
2nd, the most common and most hated —> LAG!
3rd, when ur blur.. u tend to miss lol
4th, when ur feeling tired or eyes pain, can’t tahan the focus span @.@ or no mood? miss then miss lol
5th, yes!!!! Distractions!! When human being/insects approaches you.. Will hear a “Dam!” later haha..

WHY do players win?

1st, sure is Pro no need to say lol
2nd, when u got the luck, pass/full combo/full perfect @.@
3rd, other ppl lag/dc <– is kinda bad to curse ppl 😛
4th, oh yeah~ MONSTER awakened in you and go wild! XDDDD

Differences between Newbie(noob also but jz to sound nice)  and Pro

1. Newbie sees Miss, while Pro sees only Perfect hahaha..
2. Newbie focus on passing, while Pro focus on getting Full combo/Full perfect @.@
3. Pro plays so relax while Newbie play til half dead lol

Its kinda funny thinking about these facts hahaha.. Feel free to add in anything XD

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Tekken 6 BR Tournament 2010

Don’t have a PS3? Don’t have the chance to play the games? Well here’s your ultimate chance to play Tekken and show your skills! Below are the infos~!

Date : 25th Sept 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 12pm – 7pm
Venue : Swinburne Sarawak Campus Auditorium

Registration details :
Registration fee : RM25/person
Closing date : 24th Sept 2010, 5pm/ 32 players limit reached

Grand prize : Tekken limited edition arcade joystick bundle worth RM500
Consolation prizes: total worth RM200 for top 8 players

Registration forms and tournament rules are available at Swinburne Student Council Office.

Contact Rob at 016-8852246 for more info.  Do not miss this opportune chance to try the tournament, you may be the one to take home the prizes ^.^

**PS3 Console version**

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