How to install and login to XDO / SDO China without changing Windows language or installing Flashwind

Sometimes it is quite troublesome to change Windows language to Chinese and install Flashwind in order to login to Super Dancer Online SDO China server (超级舞者). My Chinese is not that great and I prefer to install less programs as it will burden the system more.

See how the chinese words can't display and all gibberish? That's called non-Unicode

So here's something my friend intro to me, Microsoft Applocale - runs a non-Unicode by internally converting the application's non-Unicode text data to Unicode (which means only applies to SDO China alone). However, MS AppLocale cannot run in Windows Vista or Windows 7, so we will need to change its compatibility, below is a tutorial on how to install it and apply to SDO China. (Windows XP can directly install Applocale and start from Step 6 ^^)

How to install Applocale in Windows 7 for SDO China

Step 1: Please download Microsoft Applocale here


Step 2: Go Start > search "cmd" > right click and select "Run as Administrator"

Step 3: A black Window will pop up, replace the above "[path to applocale directory]" to the folder source where you downloaded the apploc msi file to, eg. "C:\Users\User\Desktop\apploc.msi" and press "Enter" to run the apploc.msi file

Step 4: Now to change the compatibility, go Start > search "applocale" > right click "Properties"

Step 5: Go to "Compatibility" tab >  check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" > select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" from drop down list and click OK

Step 6: Open AppLocale by going to Start > search "applocale", run the wizard.

Step 7: Click "Browse" and find the SDO China installer which you had extracted from its zip file OR SDO China after install, "open" it and click Next

Step 8: Select the language to be displayed, in this case, 中文(简体) and click Next

Step 9: Choose whether to create a shortcut icon (would need to copy and paste from Applocale in Start Windows) and click Next

NOTE : best to replace "超级舞者" folder name to an English name when installing eg. "SDO China" for easy reading by our computer system, foreign characters are difficult for certain reasons 🙂

Now everytime you play, you can maintain Windows Language in English while displaying chinese words successfully in SDO China XD *lets just hope so* and coincidentally, Flashwind was not needed to login to the server, so it saves me the trouble to install another software, not to mention it might have spyware/adware which we never know @.@

Another note is you can use Applocale to run the SDO China patch when they update too~ Convenient isn't it? 😀 So hope this tutorial helps and enjoy "dancing"! XD Cheers!

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