1st! KuchingBloggers Meeting 08

Last Saturday night attended the 1st KuchingBloggers.com Meeting at Sharing Planet ^^ About 40++ of the 50 bloggers attended as some cudn’t attend >< Well, we do enjoyed ourselves – Me, Onineko and ToMCaT *And I printed 20 bloggers namecards for the event lol*

This event was organized by the KuchingBloggers.com people, mainly Jimmy, Irene and Tim located at Sharing Planet ^^

The non-flashy entrance to the famous Sharing Planet ^^” Luckily I took a photo of the map with my hp, we manage to not get lost on the way haha XD

The 2nd entrance into Sharing Planet 😛

I like to take non-human pictures so paiseh a bit la, there’s many non-human photos..

One of the lights there..

The greenery of the moment o.O

Location of Kuching Bloggers Meet — Across the water

When we arrived, we needed to sign our attendance list lol and sign on the paper stick on the wall haha..

Photo by Edwin Lay : I din noe I got shot.. o.O

Photo by Edwin Lay : Me and Onineko

Photo by Edwin Lay : Me, Onineko, Jimmy, ToMCaT and Crazyfool

The family’s getting bigger and bigger.. o.O

Wa.. A big happy family lol Andy Chai, Edwin Lay, JF, AhPauL and Irene are added in! haha..

Can say our table quite popular tat nite coz I keep making noises example “Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy!” XD Wanna complain why cup so small can drink so lil oni, why his namecard so long can’t put in my wallet le.. o.O Luckily I brought a scissors haha.. Threaten him.. lol Georgette also dropped by our table, and wow.. She straight away can guess we’re Swinburne students o.O Then she guessed we’re Cosplayers.. 😮 omg omg omg her eyes are sharp XD haha.. When I asked how she knows? She just said , “Well, lucky guess.. 🙂 ” lol So chun one.. XP and she said Swinburne is quite famous for cosplaying thats why lol and yupz.. I swapped my bloggers namecard with her ^^ Nice meeting ya Georgette, you’re my 1st receiver of my namecard besides Jimmy XD too bad din took a photo together 🙁

Darth Vader(Gordon) with JF, Edwin Lay, AhPauL and Effadylia ^^

After an hour or so, waiting for all the bloggers to finish taking pictures XD Here comes the lucky draw!

Tim handling lucky draw! Jeng Jeng Jeng! 😛

And I got the 2nd lucky draw lol

Another shot by Edwin Lay ^^ Thanks for the photo 😛

Photo by Edwin Lay : Sharon and ahlost 😛

Photo by Edwin Lay : Dslr exhibition lol

ToMCaT also won a lucky draw XD We both got a RM10 voucher sponsored by Silver Point ^^ We were also praying that Onineko get 1 lucky draw too but to no avail 🙁 She dun wan le.. 😛

Photo by Edwin Lay : Rambo Chai and Georgette Tan, lucky draw winner haha.. met them that nite ^^

After that, rest rest a while for the bloggers.. Chat chat again haha.. Called for Jimmy again asking about printing and stuff, he intro Rambo Chai to us and Rambo explained some stuff related to events and sponsors ^^ Thanks for the explanation 😛 After that it was time for Trivia… With prizes again *.*

Photo by Edwin Lay : Jimmy and Me

Guess what, I got the 1st question right(actually got almost all questions correct but hafta let others win too :P)

The Blogger King and Queen of the night! Mr. Darth Vader(Gordon) and Effadylia ^^ CongratS! The prizes were sponsored by Irene(in the middle) *Surrender your sweetness* XD

Well, the rest of the time many of the bloggers mingled around, chatting here here and there there non-stop lol I was sweating at my table XD drinking green tea I think? o.O Let the photos do the rest of the talks! As it’s ending lol

KuchingBloggers Group photo!

Photo by Edwin Lay : The KuchingBloggers team in the room.. No fair I oso wanna go in try sitting down >.<

All blogger’s signature.. Yes..! Forge them all.. Muahaha..

Photo by Edwin Lay : Omg, me and Onineko caught while taking photos of our proud signature o.O

Mine.. Copyrighted!

Me highlighting my signature, I haven practiced to sign my signature nicely yet actually ><

Jean and ahbao

ahbao and Me

Photo by Michael : Me, Onineko, ToMCaT and Michael

Photo by Jimmy : Jimmy and me (He’s flirting I tell ya o.O) Made me smile til weird weird ^^”

On the way out..

Bye bye Sharing Planet.. My 1st time to Sharing Planet adi over lol

What I got from the KB Meeting :

A free movie carnival ticket, 1 KuchingBloggers keychain(hm.. why so thin de ho? :P), 2 RM10 cash voucher for Silver Point and 1 Grilled Chicken voucher from Sharing Planet wa.. can eat Grilled Chicken free hehe..

Some other blogger’s namecard after I swapped mine with them 😛

*Thanks to Jimmy and Irene mainly for organizing this event, as well as the KuchingBloggers.com team ^^ *

What I gained is many many new and fun frens from around Kuching which are bloggers! lol Though I haven got enough chance to know all the other bloggers, cant have enough haha.. Well, lets know all of you guys through blogs, isn’t that what had gathered us together in this event in the first place? 😛

Why.. That sounds so embarrassing =><=

More pics here! ^^

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19 thoughts on “1st! KuchingBloggers Meeting 08

  1. Irene says:

    Hehehe… so detailed update 😛

    I heard u guys want to go sing K 😛 I want to go also heheh… RM15 very cheap le… Use my student ID then save RM1 *LOL* RM1 can go buy sweets *LOL*

  2. Serene says:

    @Irene : haha.. Thanks 😛 Very detailed ka? hehe.. wanna update about all stuff dun wanna miss tiok anything ma XD It was fun, pity if miss the fun details XD Oh.. Yea, wanna go sing K, sure.. Lunch time 1 very cheap ^^ Sing 4 hours o.O 2day went with Onineko, both of us sang for 4 hours straight, my throat a bit itchy ^^” hehe.. RM1 + RM0.60 can buy chips adi lol
    @ahlost : Yea, very long ho.. lol too much wanna tok about but later too long and a bit lazy liao XD haha.. Actually tat nite got blinded by everyone ^^” haha.. Nice to know you too! 😛

  3. Serene says:

    @Edwin : Yo.. haha.. thanks! 😛
    @onineko : Many ka? 😛 Many non-humans de lo.. lol haha.. Yea, nxt week go sing wan? XD 2ml nite discuss hahaha..

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