Fever? Nop, I’m not having normal fever, I’m having Karaoke Fever! o.O Went to Enter K yet again with Jimmy, Irene and Doris during lunch time 11am-3pm lol We’re crazy.. Went in got smoke smell but luckily they use air freshener swt.. We used the same room as the 1st time I went with Onineko, LRP and Nabillah o.O swt.. But this time, they served snacks, dry and spicy snacks.. Objective is to dry our throatand make us order more drinks.. lol Luckily I brought my own water.. wahaha.. You can’t eat my moneh..! We sang and sang til our lunch arrived at 1 something.

Doris’s Japanese Karei Rice

Jimmy’s Fried Noodle.. haha.. got chili later hard to sing liao 😛

Me and Irene’s Fried Rice.. No, we’re not sharing.. swt..

I think it’s a nice angle of the Fried Rice lol

Irene had a nice voice.. Doris is improving ^^ Jimmy is going up the hill then go down.. lol Used too much energy XD become no voice at the end swt.. Must know how to control your ability.. I sound so wise.. ^^” *Bloggers taking pictures everywhere* lol

Jimmy’s photo : Me and Jimmy self-cam-whoring.. swt.. *My stupid pimple o.O*

Jimmy’s photo : Group photo! Ooops.. Forgot Irene ^^” Jimmy cham.. haha..

We chose some duet love songs to sing together, with Jimmy lol The only guy, what to do? swt.. The most popular duet love song, “Romeo & Juliet” Chinese version by Chao Ge.. I sang with Doris at first, Doris sang with Jimmy in the middle, I sang with Jimmy at the end, the last song before the waitress came rushing us out ^^”

Later on.. went to a cafe.. in the next post yay.. XD

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11 thoughts on “Fever..

  1. Serene says:

    @jimmy : haha.. nvm lo.. next time when you’re not flu go again and you can loud as much as you want XD later mic rosak o.O

  2. Serene says:

    @Irene : Oh ya ho.. forgot mentioned bout the frying oil smell swt.. Was lingering the whole singing session, caused us hard to sing.. 😛 And our room was the closest to the kitchen door ^^” lol

  3. jimmychin says:

    Serene, wakaka.. i loud tat time meh… hahaha… one of my ear blocked .. tat’s y cant control my voice… hehehe…

    Yien Yien, wait u sing for me leh… 😛

  4. Serene says:

    @jimmy : lol no le.. you can control quite well le.. jz tat u used up too much strength til become weak at the end XD
    @ahlost : haha.. no nd envy o.. we can oni go karaoke like tis coz we’re having sch holiday at the moment 😛 1 more week sch start adi >< lets go sing when you're free hehehe..

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