Test Week

This week is my course’s Progress Test 2 Week, so will be on hiatus for the week but I promise I will make it up next week! There’s gonna be a few updates coming up, am so excited! hehehe

Last weekend I had a buncha funs and catch ups with my friends at Midvalley, 1 Utama and also volunteering for an event called Comic & Toys Geek’s Fair (CTGF) held at Jaya Shopping Centre 😀

*Friends namely: Kim, Kim bf Jeremy, Laopo Bobo, Kenan, Rashel (pp), Mimi, Sow, Zheng Yaw, Sam, Yi Ting, Darren, Liui Aquino (from Philipine), and the rest of the crew or AMG committees ^^

(I noticed I’m just like a portable light bulb to every couple friends I know lolol :v all blame goes to my bf >.<)

And Animax will be this coming weekend too, look forward to it, feel like it’s my 1st Cosplay experience again, kinda nervous? lol


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