Theme of Anime Gathering 2012

The theme for Anime Gathering 2012 has been announced. This time, it’ll be :

Sakura Gakuen 桜学園

A preview teaser of AG 2012, which we’ll make even larger scale than before! The first Anime Gathering in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia~~~ We hope other Anime community from International countries could join us too 😀 As we enjoy meeting new people, new friends, new network as well ^^ Stay tuned for more details on AG 2012!

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*Teaser* Anime Gathering 2009

At long last, a year passed since SAMS last Anime Gathering 😀 Now we see news about it lol… Just a short teaser on the event ^^

Full details will be out soon as well as the official poster ^^  so no worries! Haha.. Everybody.. Be prepared for a much more enhanced entertainment of Anime Gathering 2009 :3

All anime lovers, Cosplayers, figure collectors, gunpla assemblers, even those that likes photography (some collections will be displayed) are most welcomed XD Not excluding bloggers and everyone else in Kuching who are interested to go because.. the event is opened to ALL~~~~! 😀

*You are *RESERVED* to go to Anime Gathering 2009*

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5S2 Gathering @ Food Avenue

We were in the same class from form 4 til form 5 2006  in Kuching High School..

On that day, we gather after few years passed..

Many thanks to Suk Joo for organizing and treating us to drink on the event ^^

She’s going back to Australia today if I’m not mistaken ><

See you online… o.O or when the rest of us got the cash to go Aus visit you Suk Joo lol I still want free cellphone/camera if I go 😛

Waa… We reali had a loooong table of gathering o.O Continue reading

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