Happy New Year 2012!

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Just wanna wish everyone Happy New Year 2012~!

2011 has been 50% nice to me, well can be more than that, coz in the year mentioned,

  1. I found LOVE 🙂
  2. Graduated from Swinburne successfully
  3. Started working (for my dad tho :\ )
  4. Completed my long-standing wish of ARIA Cosplay XD (SailorMoon next? LOL)
  5. Attended AFA11 (like finally!)
  6. Got a new laptop *Ooooooh I’m sooooo lag-stress-relieved :’D *
  7. Had a peaceful year without much conflicts ^^

Some sad things are friends are now separated and is kinda hard to go out together anymore after we all graduated, sure everyone will be busy with their own life and new-found friends >.<

Anyway, I also wanted to say Thank you to all who has been visiting in 2011, I am really grateful for the support, it motivates me to blog more and keep serving ya all! 😀

Hope in 2012, there will be good changes~ As I’ll need to make a decision and change environment 🙂 Together with my love one I’ll try to be tough! *hopefully* Wish me luck! XD And wish you all have a great year ahead~ Gambatte!! :3

Enjoy the New Year’s day~~~ Lazy to list out my resolutions, I will do them naturally if I wanted to 😛

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