CHIBI GURUMI – SWEET USAGI CLEANER (ちびぐるみ – すいーつうさぎくりーなー)

A collection of gashapon Chibi Gurumi – Sweet Usagi Cleaner produced by Bandai~

See how kawaiiii and adorable they are?? >_<

Manju usagi~~~ DDD: I wanna eat them!

I wanna buy them~~~ Look so nice and fluffy, tiny and useful as cell phone screen cleaner 😛 However, I fail to find them in most of my sources, some sold out already 🙁

It would look nice to hang them on my phone and wipe away dust off my phone screen XD

At the same time look at it when I’m in a bad mood or something LOL

If anyone sees them, do let me know~~~ :’D Most of the info found here.

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