Blogger Name Card. Mine? FREE?!

It never came across my mind to make a blogger name card, do you? When you meet other people, you normally give them your name card, company name card.. Let’s try giving them something different, your blog name card, at the same time advertising your own blog too ^^

Well, it certainly was a surprise when I found a thread in Lowyat offering blogger’s name card, FOC, yea you heard me.. FREE OF CHARGE! FREE!! FREEBIES!!! XD I couldn’t quite believe it o.O 100 pieces for 1 box.. FREE~ @.@ As a bonus, your name card will be sent right to your door steps, FREE yet again *faints* It’s such a tempting offer lol Well, no harm done trying but just wait at home 😛 The only catch is they’ll print an url(very small) behind your name card, it is after all sponsored and they also want to advertise their own sites 😉 We can live with that rite? XD

My imagination flares :


No, it’s not their name card, haven even made yet ^^” It’s my own design(dun steal it please ><) and I’m just imagining their’s to be like that o.O haha.. Anyway, it’s good to try, they even have a graphic designer ready to help design the name card, quite organized 😉 I recommend it hehe..

For more details on this go here . Quickly Log on to to register your own bloggers name card for FREE ^^ They’ll send them right to your house. Be sure to fill in all the details needed at the site 🙂

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