Yamagoya Ramen @ SetiaWalk, Puchong

Having lunch at SetiaWalk on a Sunday with my bro was a last minute thing, and then we ended up at this Japanese resturant called Yamagoya Ramen

Like any usual restaurants in KL, the interior is decorated like a Japanese restaurant beautifully (restaurant taukes really pours into the interior design here in West Malaysia @.@ ). But which really attracted customers, like us XD

Flipping through the menu I saw this Lemon Ramen?! Not sure izzit a healthy ramen or a troll :’D

Cha Siew Ramen RM24 . All meatsssss + bit of vege~

Not sure how it tastes, but the soup is different from mine below XD

Yamagoya Special Ramen RM24 . Basically all mixed in, but I feel the meat is lacking. At least at this price, they could afford to give more slices T3T

Taste wise, for me, quite normal, still can’t beat ramen by Rising Ramen back home XD (Though I haven’t really tried other good ramen restaurants)

Chicken Croquette, it wasn’t really fulfilling until we ate this up too. Yamagoya Ramen had a promotion of Buy 1 Free 2 where buy 1 ramen, free drink and chicken croquette, so yeah~ haha

Now this croquette is delicious! Deep fried and tender chicken meat is loves~ A nice match for the ramen too ^^

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