Crystal Jewelry Photoshoot

During the handicraft road show or exhibition in Boulevard, bought these crystal jewelry, namely Amethyst (I think is human-made stones), a whole set since I don’t have purple color themed jewelry @.@ Was so attracted to the Amethyst ring at first, the color was mystifying :’D As well as the black Sand Stone, as though there were a universe inside it >.<

And I can’t miss having a small photoshoot of them, can I? :3

Necklace + rings + bracelet + earrings~ They were not a set but matching colors/stones 😀

Very long earring~ @.@

Rounded stones bracelet XD Was first attracted by this purple Amethyst crystal bracelet too 😀

Amethyst crystal pendant and some stones necklace

The mysterious purple stone ring @.@ The ring frame really enhanced its crystal bling *.*

Sand Stone ring~ See the star universe inside? XD

I worn most of them during my Birthday this year :3 the first few days of sweet exciting when you got something new right? lol~~ Next photography post would be on my SailorMoon necklaces 😉

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