Sukishi : Japanese Sukiyaki Buffet @ IOI Mall, Puchong

No special occasion really, my bro got Groupon on Sukishi, Japanese Sukiyaki Buffet and so we went on to have our lunch there (of course, with Groupon, you can expect full slot on weekends if you do not book early in advanced :’D)

Went to IOI Mall, Puchong branch, where they serve all types of meat, including Pork 😀

The interior, which I noticed is kinda catered to each private seating, since I couldn’t quite get a good shot >_< first time used my cam’s Panorama LOL

Yin Yang soup~ We went for Miso soup and sukiyaki soup XD

Yup, we leave out the chicken meat as it’s quite common, we went for the rarer meat such as lamb, pork and beef~~ Expensive meat is good :3
*of course, unlimited supply of meat too!*

If you ask me, it’s a bit hard to differentiate which is which meat, they all look the same >_< (huhu I’m the type of girl who seldom work in the kitchen)

Other than meat, they also offer vegetables and many types of fish balls. (Do try to avoid eating too much as the meat are the more worth ingredients :3 )

In addition, sushis too! 😀

Mix raw egg with sauce and lemon sauce provided, I added bit of soy sauce 😛 This will become the main sauce to dip in when your meat is cooked :3 I really savor that first bite~~~ It’s been a long time, Sukishi ~ X’D

Add in some vege to enhance the soup flavor >_<

Incidentally, they gave this free minced pork meat too that day 😀 Tasted bit.. special, I guess ^^”

Last dish, dessert! Green tea ice-cream with nuts topping and nata de coco underneath, yum! <3 Suitable for my taste as the green tea ice-cream wasn’t very sweet 😀 hehe


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