My 1st Valentine

Last Tue on Valentine’s Day I took the day off to be with my darling~ >///< Went to all the 3 main malls in town @.@ Then at night had a beautiful buffet at Grand Margherita Hotel 😀 Almost every place was full on that night, prices getting high too, so ppl would actually prefer buffet style, Eat All You Want! with similar prices XD

I made this for HIM~~~~ <3 hehehe~ In a way, flower is me, tiger skin is him? 😛 Also made chocolates for him~~ but I didn’t took pics of them >< would have to wait for him to take then XD

The outdoor setting for the buffet~

Was testing my new cam X3 Diorama filter! Now I got the Sarawak Cruise as my “collection” XD

Ice sculpture in front of Orchid Garden in Grand Margherita 😀

1st round 😛

Sushi, Unagi and Sashimi~ Unlimited~ How would you like that? :3

Oyster~~~ Yeah~ Kena sapu in a blink of an eye @.@

Fettuccine with cheese~ But the cheese wasn’t cheeeeeeeeeeesy enough >.<

Photo with someone XD and someone’s tummy is sooo round 😛

His chocolates and flowers to me~~~~~ and his gift~~ Stalked this handbag few times adi hehe thx dear~ >3<

And Valentine gift from Kim too~ thx my best shinyu~ :3

Hope every couple enjoyed this special day too~ But everyday is Valentine’s Day too, and I will cherish them >__<


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