Camera Level Up: Toshiba Flashair 16gb

Upon knowing there’s an SD card with wifi features, I decided to upgrade my camera (Olympus XZ-1) by buying a new SD Card, which is Toshiba Flashair 16gb 😀

Bought from Lazada Malaysia at RM87 with FREE delivery to West Malaysia, not a bad deal la I thought XD Not much problem with the shipping too, arrived within 2-3 working days 😀

Reason: For me, digital cam will still have better quality than my phone cam, and well my camera is quite an old model, so it doesn’t have any wifi built-in like most new models lately. And so, I thought that the Toshiba Flashair SD card would come in handy when I needed to transfer some photos to my phone and update my Social Media on spot >_< In addition, sharing the photos with my other friends too would be very convenient (no need to wait til I get home or anything).

Tested the Toshiba Flashair and I feel it’s easy and fast to set up :

  1. Connect to Flashair wifi (once put in camera and on) with phone or computer. Default password is 12345678
  2. Open Flashair app or go to
  3. Click “NEXT”, you should be able to enter new SSID and new password
  4. Done!

The process of transferring is dam fast too, 1 photo just needed 1-2 secs only @.@ Though I haven’t figure out whether it can transfer multiple photos at the same time. As for now, I can only transfer photos one by one >_< But good enough for me! XD

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