Mission In Singapore!

Another new late post! 😛 Went to Singapore last month together with my Dear and friends~ For me, in order to play, shop and eat XD Dam full of entertainment that Sarawak lacks :’D

Went to a famous chicken rice shop  called 文东记 Wen Dong Ji for lunch right after touch down XD This snack I think was called Breaded prawn thingy? It was Oooiishi desu! @.@ Nice deco too, they caught my heart with the lace >.< Continue reading

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Sushi Zanmai

Ok, previous post I mentioned that we had dinner together too right? Here it is! Steven said Sushi Zanmai is better than Sakae, so I wanted to try before leaving KL 😛 We went to the branch in Sunway Pyramid, and when we reach, there were so so many ppl queuing up outside @.@ wth~ izzit really that good? lol~ (the long queue is kinda evidence already ^^”)

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Nature and Time

As much as I love anime, and everything else actually, I do love photography especially close up shots of non-moving objects, nature included, and some shots I took at my home ^^ It had been awhile since I took photos like these, maybe it was due to my busy and hectic last semester life which gave me pressure ><

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Freelance Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Photographer for Hire!

My brother, Chin Chun Chow is offering freelance services as graphic designer, illustrator or event/wedding photographer, and I am recommending lol Do not fear him! Just ask him anything! XD

Samples of his works from his site

His current location is in Kuala Lumpur but location does not apply for graphic designing or illustrating work.

Anyone who require these services (cheaper than non-freelancer :P) may contact my brother at chchchow84 [at] gmail [dot] com or +6016 8000 302. His portfolios are available at ch3graphics.tumblr.com, feel free to take a look ^^

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Mooncake Festival 2010

Went to the Mooncake Festival at Carpenter Street with Tomi and Kim on the very last night of the festival after looking at other ppl’s nice photos of it lol But its been lively there, reali is quite a scene to capture in photo :3

Upon arriving, we saw a display of diff kinds of lanterns, big and small and bright 😀 They were all hang in the Chinese temple opposite the main road. There were alota ppl too @.@

Along the way, where stalls are selling drinks and food/snacks Continue reading

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Dinner With Ueda Sensei

And this happened one month ago.. You know the story la.. 😛

Made a date with our new Japanese teacher, Ueda Sensei to go out for dinner on a Sunday nite ^^ Chose Jalan Song since there’s a LARGE variety of food there which we can recommend to sensei hehehe..

Takoyaki~! Sensei said the Takoyaki here is much different from in Japan o.O Guess local made always not so original ^^” Continue reading

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