The Moving Stall Selling Pao & Soya Bean

Just a recommendation on this certain moving stall selling Pao and Soya bean around Puchong (and also the one outside Sunway College), their Paos are dam super soft and full of filling! Quite worth it if compared among general Paos 8D The ones in Kuching, the skin is harder, I’m not sure why~ but I prefer the ones in KL, the moving stall selling Pao haha

*I shall call them the moving stall selling pao 😛 *

At Puchong’s moving stall selling pao, one normal pao is RM1.90, big pao is RM3.80. They have quite a variety available to buy, such as Cha Shao Pao, Pork Pao, Tou Sar Pao, Kaya Pao, Vege Pao etc etc I saw Chicken Rice in their menu too, I wonder if it’s really Chicken Rice, so many variety in a moving stall truck @.@

As you can see, the moving stall is actually a roofed truck selling paos and stuffs driving around housing areas for those lazy to go out and buy lunch/snacks, like us :’D It is very convenient LOL

While when it is parked, very much like the one parked outside Sunway College, it becomes a live stall! *Strangely the normal pao sold there is RM1.70 each, 20 cents cheaper haha *

1 big Pao for me, 1 normal small Pao for me hehehhe 😛

So very nice~~~ Tasty and very generous in their filling 😀 There’s even an egg inside >_< I recommend this alot! XD

If you got the chance, you should try it, since it comes directly right to your house gate. But you gotta catch the moving stall early before it passed by, as they might missed seeing you, their “business” :’D

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